Yellowing leaves

richiesailsApril 21, 2013

These hot peppers are bailey piquin. How do you guys think there looking. Just moved them today into cups. Previously they were in peat pots. For starters. A little concerned cause some leaves have been turning yellow before i transplanted. Looking forward to hearing from the forum thanks.

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Maybe they can use a little dilute nitrogen?

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How often do you water the soil looks very wet. Nitrogen can be the issue but overwatering causes yellow leaves and is more likely the cause. What type of soil are you using?


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I uses miracle grow potting soil. I feel like when i don't water alot they start wilting and when I got them with water they come back.

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MG usually has enough fertilizer for 3 months be sure to check the package to be sure. You can either water when you see signs of the leaves beginning to wilt/droop or see how many days it takes from when you water to leaf wilt then water on that schedule until the enviorment changes ie going from indoors to outdoors then you will have to adjust when you water. I like to let the leaves droop before I water and it keeps me out of plant trouble. It does work here are my plants and I let them dry to the point I see slight drooping before I water. Also started hardening them off. I also use MG Orchid mix and MG Organic choice and have not added any additional ferts just what comes with the soil and bonemeal but that won't be plant useable for a other 5 months.


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Make sure they are not wet at the bottom. Use a wooden skewer or chop stick or something. The top could be bone dry and the bottom be a marshy mess.

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