B.Eriospatha and friends...

jimhardyAugust 11, 2013

The blueish coloration on the petioles of this B.E.
are breathtaking even at this small size...
hope you can see it.

Some other blue stuff...

Really love these E.Glaucum

Check out the A/Konjac next to this car for scale.

I think the foliage must be over 5' across by now.

My red trunked Castor palm...

oops,I did trim some of the palms...

As this Sequoia is now towering over me,I can't help but think it really is on its own now.

Thanks for looking-

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Awesome pics! I love the Butia, it has great color on it already. I think your palms look really nice trimmed. I felt guilty today when I trimmed some healthy leaves off my elephant ears, but I think it looks a lot better when it isn't crowding itself and all the other plants around it.

The sequoia is definitely on its own now. Hopefully it will have some nice winters so it really gets to a huge size!
Thanks for sharing.


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