chocolate habanero

peppernoviceApril 13, 2012

I have read a lot about this pepper.It seems many people feel it has an abundance of flavor to accompany the heat.Does anyone have opinions on this pepper? Has anyone grown it? I think it's too late this year, but I would really like to try it next year. I'm just looking for some input.

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I have grown the Chocolate Hab a few times. Personally I prefer Orange Habs over the other varieties. The Chocolate I found had an average Hab flavour and above average Hab heat, they are damn hot.

Taste is a subjective thing. Others will have a different opinion.


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Thanks for the reply. I guess your right about being subjective. You might not care for something I think is terrific.

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I love Chocolate habs. They have a nice heat and flavor. I would strongly suggest growing them next year.

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chocolate hab, senegal hot chocolate, jamaican hot chocolate, black habanero long,congo black, all subtle variations on a theme and all delicious! as for being too late, Im in zone 7, and I didnt start mine last year til may 15th, of course last year was my first year growing

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Wow, I didn't realize there were so many variations. Do you have a recommendation? I may look into ordering some seeds. I also want to try the Aji Lemon. I think the hippy seed company has the Aji Lemon, but I'm not sure if they offer all the variations you mentioned.

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I've found the chocolate hab large that Ecco seed/Redwood seeds sells puts out a ton of very large pods but they have/had a very bitter after taste.They weren't as hot as some of the better tasting chocolates out there.

Might be growing conditions I don't know but a few varieties have a bitter taste to them.

The chocolate habs from Peppermania grew great tasting pods and the plant was very prolific.
Jamaican hot chocolate were very good too.

Got anything to trade?Send me an E Mail either way.

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rdback(Z6 VA)

As Bill says, "Taste is a subjective thing.".

Personally, I think the flavor is good, it's one of the hottest habs out there, pods are larger than most habs and yields are above average.

Below is a Chocolate Hab I grew a few years ago. If you'd like some non-iso seeds from it, e-mail me your info.

Give it a grow, especially if you don't mind heat. *smile*


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That is a fine looking plant.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Nice plant, indeed.
The pods look like Chocolate Douglah or something like that.

I've only grown one variety, which was labeled Chocolate Habanero/Congo Black.
The pods are definitely hotter than your standard Hab and they have a smoky aroma and flavor
that is quite powerful and overwhelming. I'll include a pic below:


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Nice pictures and nice pods. Definitely bigger than your standard Hab.


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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

I've seen a lot of good reviews for the "Jamaican hot chocolate" habanero... especially when dried and ground.

I think that is a pepper I will trying to locate for next years garden.

There are some really cool looking peppers on the NMSU website. I could see replacing the wife's flower garden, in front of the house, with a bunch of those peppers. But I don't think she'd feel the same though :)

Here is a link that might be useful: NMSU website (chile pepper institute)

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Grow a couple of those kool looking ornamentals this year and let her see how colorful and pretty they can be. Then, maybe, just maybe, you can get permission to put a couple in next summer.


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These chocolate habs are absolutely delicious! I find them to be much sweeter than a reg orange hab and a nice mellow fruity flavor like a fine wine. I don't think they are as hot as a orange hab. I highly recommend them.

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The chocolate habs I grow, said to be Jamaican Hot Chocolate, are by far the hottest of any variety of hab I have grown. They are also the most earthy and flavorful, I made a great hot sauce using dried dates, apricots, raisins, and a small amount of sweet onion. I am going to replicate it with a few tweaks before christmas and then I will post the results. You have to cater to the brown theme or you will get gross colored sauces.

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What is the difference , if any, of Chocolate Habanero and
Jamaican Chocolate Habanero as far as heat is concerned,
length of time to produce fruit, and size of plant?
Comments appreciated as I am new to very hot peppers.

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tandrew, I'm not sure I have an answer for that but I would take a guess that it has something to do with flavor and heat. I will be growing both of them this year so I will soon find out. By the way as far as I know chocolate hab is also known as Congo black.
What you see in the picture of the brown peppers sliced next to the quarter looks to be 7 pot douglah (douglah means brown) I grew them this pass season and they are very hot but they do make an amazing hot sauce.
I don't have any chocolate hab or Jamaican chocolate hab seeds to spare but...
I do have some 7 pot douglah and chocolate hand grenade seeds I can send you if you want.
I still have your address somewhere in my email so just let me know if you want them or not and I'll send some to you.

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ka0ttic(CFL 9b)

I've heard a lot of good things about Jamaican Hot Chocolate as well. I wanted to try them this year but couldn't find any seeds. All the reputable seed dealers seemed to be sold out. I do have some Chocolate Scotch Bonnets starting though so I'm looking forward to trying those.

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