overhead shot of my tall coconut

andyandy(6bMI)August 22, 2010

Sorry for the quality, it's from my backberry. I was standing on a chair in the back yard. You can't see the new spear that is about 10 days old and about 5 inches but you can see the two new summer fronds. They are completely split. I tried coconuts about 5 years ago but after a couple of years they died. This is without a dought the best looking one I have had.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Looking great. Looks like you will have better luck with this one!

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It looks really nice! i love the split fronds it has now. Next summer its going to really start gaining a lot of height. They usually grow slower until they get there adult fronds and then they gain a lot more height with each frond that comes out!
Thanks for sharing!
Good luck!

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Thank you guys, I hope September is at least sunny if not hot. Today looks liek our 3rd strait days in the 70s but after the clouds move out this morning it is supposed to be nothing but sun. Down to a high of 75 Thursday but then low 80s this weekend. I'll have a few more pictures to post later today.

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Very nice Andy!

This has been a great year for the warm weather tropicals and cactus!

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Its also in the 70s here for the next few days with even a few nights in the low 60s! I dont think the plants will be liking that, but Im confident that there are more hot days in the growing season to come! Looking forward to seeing some pics! Good luck!

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We're actually going to be in the 50s at night by mid-week for about 3 nights. The tropicals certainly will slow down but it won't hurt them. Our week (all sunny after today) is lookingt like 82 80 77 75 78 82 85 (Sunday) so we're not done yet. I love this time of year. It's still warm enoght to swim and go to the beach but not typically really humid.

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My advice as one who had a thriving coco palm just up and die after a small aphid problem?..Get a Howea and you have a palm for life.

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Very nice coco andyandy!!! One day soon I hope mine will look like that:)
@ stanofh- Sorry to hear your coco died :( How bad was the infestation? Did she look alright one day and then dying another? This gets me worried because my coco also had aphids for awhile this winter/spring. I mixed a small ammount of dish soap with water and misted lightly a few times , and lightly misted the soap off a few minutes later. It killed them fairly quick, I think I did it just in time though? Are you going to try again one day?

Good luck everyone!

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I give all of my palms a dose of systemic granuals every August for that very reason. The first year I ever tried palms I ended up with mites BAD. I didn't even know what a mite was. I have never had a problem since.
US Marine-
Keep it up and you'll get there. We have had three seperate stretches where for 4-5 nights it only fell into the 70s. That seem to stimulate more growth than sunny dry days.

thank you everyone I am about to post some additional pictures.

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