It's so hot.....

GeneTheNewGuySeptember 6, 2012

It's so hot. Someone was telling me the chickens are laying hard boiled eggs.

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I dont really like the way a hard boiled egg smells, maybe that was the kind I have been eating. The pre-boiled eggs should have a stamp on them.

Its been hot here also, but we did get a .5" rain this evening. I have heard to expect 104 degrees tomorrow. This weather is depressing, I need to be out playing in the dirt but cant handle the heat.

It seem that I have 101 things I need to be doing, but sit in the house trying to stay cool instead.


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We were only 98, but with a heat index of 103, it felt like July. Ugh! The rain is supposed to be in our area tomorrow.

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Larry, I do the same. I am so tired of hiding out in the house, trying to stay cool.

I want to plant my little peach tree I bought on Monday!!! I want to get rid of more bermuda grass, and I want to increase my garden space, aka degrease my lawn area.

Oh, and lets not forget about the arbor/outdoor shower I want to built!!!! I got the thing all planned out in my head. It will have a pan, with a drain attached to water the bushes nearby!

Shower, and water something that needs it at the same time! Love the idea, and want to see it work.


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Moni, I love the idea, you could even put miracle grow in your soap and shampoo. I have wanted, and needed an outdoor shower for a long time. My biggest problem,I think, would be getting back into the house without tracking dirt and grass clippings. I have one tree in the back yard large enough to support a cable and trolley, that might be a good place to put the shower, then I could just ride pulley down the cable to the utility room door. I can see the headlines now, "Naked 90 year old TARZAN spotted south of highway 10".


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LOL, Larry!

That's what those plastic shoes are for... what are they called again???

you know, those glog type shoes?


PS, taking a towel, and some shorts might be beneficial?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Gene, As a chicken owner, I find it convenient if they lay hard-boiled eggs. That's just one less thing for me to do if I can bring in the eggs already hard-cooked! My chickens are spoiled, but it is necessary to help them survive this heat. They have fans in the chicken coops and a mister system, and when they're out free-ranging, I often turn on a small sprinkler so they can play in the water. Last year we lost several hens to the heat, likely because we were gone to wildfires every day and I wasn't home to observe them and try to cool them down if they got too hot. This year we haven't had nearly as many fires so I was home with them on most of the really hot days and we didn't lose a single chicken this year.

Larry, Hang on! Cooler weather is coming. I've been skeptical about this cold front really getting here, and have been waiting for it to stall, because that always seems to happen at our house--the front stalls before it comes this far south. It looks like this one is actually going to make it all the way down and far down into Texas as well. We all NEED this cool-down before we lose our minds.

Moni, That's going to be so cool!

Larry, I think the outdoor shower would work if you put a pathway of rocks/gravel or something, or wore garden clogs or rubber shoes between the shower and the house, and slipped off those shoes at the back door before you came inside. We always have somebody's shoes or boots on the back porch, left there in an attempt to keep most of the grass clippings and stuff outside.

Moni, I think you're thinking of Crocs? I have two pair. One is the ATV Crocs that Ilene got several of us hooked on a few years ago, and the other one is fully enclosed ones without the little holes or the open heels. Those work better for me most of the time because gravel from the driveway gets inside my ATV Crocs when I walk in the driveway.


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Yes, Dawn, crocs. Just could not think of their name. I only have three pair. One at each door, front, garage, and back door.

I just slip them on, when going outside for "just a minute". :)


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Moni, That's how I use mine too--for quick little trips out to the yard and then back in again. During the rainy season, I'd rather wear them outside than get my good shoes wet.


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Larry, let me know when you get that zip line in. I LOVE zip lines. :)


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