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brownthumbia(5aIA)August 11, 2013

Why is my house palm's fronds turning brown and seem to be thinning out? Any ideas for me? I want so much to have it flourish because it is one given to me when my son died. I just never know if I'm over, or under, watering. I'm getting desperate. Thanks so much if you can help me, one more thing, the fronds seem to turn lighter green at times and sometimes have a very light yellowing tinge although I don't think the soil is very wet. That's what confuses me.

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Some palms are not happy indoors. Majesty palms do exactly what you are describing indoors. Sometimes they manage to do well indoors for half the year, but if they are indoors all the time they will eventually start declining in most cases.

Good luck with it! Some pics might help.

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Thanks, Alex. From the pics I've seen it is a parlor palm and the watering has me stumped. It did so well for months but lately the problems started. Sorry, I haven't mastered sending photos. Shoot!

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Check for Spider mites. Those can be a common problem with parlor palms. A mix of water, a little dish soap, and a little neem oil in a spray bottle would really help with spider mites. That was the issue when my parlor palm started getting brown and once it was treated it made a great comeback.
Good luck!

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Can you tell me what is 'neem' oil? Don't believe I've ever heard of it. Thanks for your suggestion. Also where did you find the oil?

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Neem oil is an oil that comes from a Neem tree. It has a lot of different uses, but is not edible. Digesting large quantities of it apparently may be dangerous, but just spraying it on your plants will not be an issue and it is a lot safer than chemicals. I got mine as a pretty small bottle off of e-bay at least 2 years ago and I am still using that bottle.

I was also able to get an insecticide with neem oil in it from a local nursery. It's cheaper to make your own solution though and just as effective (since you can control how much neem oil you add, it might actually be more effective than a store bought insecticide also made with neem oil).

Good luck with it!

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