Baby pumpkins turn yellow and fall off

luckyladyd(6)July 11, 2011

I had this problem also last year, and suspected a borer or bug. However, this year, several pumpkin plants in different areas of my yard have this issue. There are no holes and the fruit seems unblemished. I do have one nice fruit, about six inches in diameter, still green. I thought another one about 2" was out of the woods, but today it turned yellow. Would love to know if anybody else has this experience and how to deal with it. Thanks!

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That happens when those fruits do not get properly pollinated. Are there a lot of bees flying around or are you like many others and have very few bees?

Here is a link that might be useful: pumpkin pollination

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Thank you, kimmsr. The article you attached explains it very well. I didn't understand that multiple visits by bees were better than one. I'm glad to know it's not something that I'm doing wrong or a disease.


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