Cutting my plumeria

yoder78May 11, 2010

Hello, I have a plumeria with 3 larger branches (about 3feet long)that is getting too big for my house where I have it so I am thinking I will cut it and have some new ones. 2 of the 3 branches have 3 smaller branches.

My question is how long should I cut these? Will the original mother plant keep growing? I know nothing about cutting and planting these(other than the little i have read) so any info would be greatly appreciated.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

What I would do first is carefully look at the ends of each branch for any sign of a flower inflo starting. When you cut, the cut branches will not bloom until another season, so you can stagger the cuts. Cut one or two this year and cut the remaining next season. this way you have flowers each season. You can cut the branches about a foot from the split or you could cut the main stem wherever. Just remember, cut stems or branches do not split in that neat three shape and you can get from one to many new branches often parallel to the stem. here are some pictures:

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New inflo:

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I had to reread the reply a couple times, but I know what is being said. He is talking about symmetry on the branch that remains after the cut in which the new growth seldom grows in the natural patterm that occurs from an inflow and a branching of 2, 3 or more. They usually grow sort of parallel, somewhat less pleasing to the eye.

But, I have a question. I kept two large trees in the house over the winter, (a lot of work getting them through the slider, btw) because of the damage I had last year, but (alas) it was unneeded, this winter.

What I noticed is one of them has developed a dark brown sunburn on the side facing south. Both trees continued to bloom in the house, but the red lost all color and was white, instead.

So, normal? concern? Also, about the red mites, I got them first time, ever. I used a very weak malathion and it worked okay.
Thanks, LB

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

sorry, I don't grow indoors so I am not sure of this problem. I often put a cardboard center of a paper towel roll split lengthwise and snapped over a sunburn until leaves grow.

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I don't grow inside either. What I said is that when I decided that it was warm enough to put them back outside, after a couple months, I have noticed that the sides of branches facing the sun were all a dark brown color, obvious sunburn. There are 25 branches more or less, and placing paper towel rolls around every location where it is occuring is not real practical. But, I think, from your reply, that it is something "not good", since you deal with it by protecting it, rather than ignoring it.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I think if you can filter the sunlight especially between 10-2 or if when you bring the plant outside you rotate it a quarter turn each day you can ease it into the intensity of pure sun. when I said I don't grow inside I meant that my plants stay outside all year. I think the transition from inside to outside, which I do not do, is the critical period for you. My sunburn problems are mostly with new cutting starts.

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