Plant dying, Insects in root

mohideenJuly 5, 2014

My recently bought rose plant is dying. It was looking week from the time I bought (it was the last plant in the shelf, and I did not want to miss that one, a rare variety). I dug it up today to find that the root was surrounded with many small insects (see image below) and some worms. I currently have the plant in a container of water.

I would appreciate your advice on two things:
1. Whats the best way to kill those insects?
2. Should i plant the rose plant back in a pot or let it be in the water container for a while? Someone on a blog suggested keeping plant whose roots were attacked by ants to be kept in water container for a while, but I'm not sure if that will be a good idea for my young rose plant.

Thanks in advance!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Yikes, that looks like a termite, to me.

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mohideen, submerging the root ball would either flush out the insects or drown them. As to how long to submerge them, 48 hours was a sure cure for infestations of the giant moth borer (Castnia licoides) of sugar cane. This Link seems to support the same for roses.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

48-hour submerged-soak may also drown the plant.

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Thank you very much rhizo_1 and ronalawn82.

@rhizo_1: That definitely looks like termites ( I have bought termites with my rose!!! :(

@ronalawn82: Looks like letting the plant sit in water is not a bad idea.

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@jean001a: I have not submerged the plant completely. Just the roots.

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