Improved Meyers Lemon Tree

chrholmeSeptember 11, 2011

Does anyone know where in the OKC area I can find GOOD citrus fertilizer? Home Depot didn't quite cut it. Has anyone else had luck with citrus in containers?

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Welcome to the wonderful world of citrus in containers in Oklahoma.
I have several citrus trees in containers and have had pretty good luck with them. Some advice for when you start. Get or make a really good draining potting mix. Miracle Gro wont cut it. It stays too wet and you end up with root rot.
You can start with Miracle Gro regular fertilizer. It will do a good job for you. Citrus trees really need the micro-nutrients more so than some other plants. Miracle Gro does not have the Calicum that citrus needs, but if you are like most areas of Oklahoma you have hard water. The citrus can get the calicum it needs from the water. I used Miracle Gro for several years. You want to use a dilute solution about everytime you water.
Remember do not overwater. Get a bamboo stick or a dowel rod, round off one end and use it to check if the tree needs water. insert the dowel into the potting mix. If it comes out wet then you don't need to water.
During the summer you will probably need to water everyday at least once.
When the temperature begins to drop to 40 or below bring the tree inside. Give it as much light as you can. It may not need to be watered but once a week, but check everyday because the water needs will depend on the temperature and light exposer. If the tmeperature gets above 40 sit it outside for some sun and fesh air.

Hope all this helps and welcome again,

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey Charles

Always nice to see fellow Okie citrus growers. I started using foliage pro this past spring and have had great success. It has everything they need and a little goes a long ways. When I first got into citrus I used Miracle grow all purpose and added a slow release that had minors. And to be honest I havent really notice a big enough difference to say that the foliage pro works any better. I will say that it is a bit easier to mix an all in one versus guessing if I need to add more minor elements. Like Charles said you will be better off making your own mix. I put most of mine in Al's gritty mix back in spring but some are in a mix of Pine bark fines and perlite. Even right now Im having to water at least once a day. Back when it was 100+ it was twice.

Watch our for grasshoppers. They seem to love to eat my citrus.

The citrus forum here is full of knowledge if you havent checked it out yet.


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I've also had good luck using pecan tree fert. because it contains alot of the nutrients citrus zinc and iron. I would think TLC nursery in OKC would have some sort of micro nutrient package. Things like boron, manganese, magnesium and nutrients that arent aiways in regular fert. Thats one of the reasons I used the pecan fert. because it contained some of these. I don't use the pecan fert. except as a suppliment though and would suggest you learn to look at the leaves, they will tell you alot. Light green with dark green veins,needs iron, yellowish looking are either old or need nitrogen. Also, check amazon for an old paperback by ortho called All ABOUT CITRUS, It helped me alot before I gave it to my daughter, who now has the meyer lemons.

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Thanks all for the warm welcome!! I planted my meyer in a decorative pot a few days ago and noticed it's starting to defoliate :( I inspected the plant and think it might have leaf miners? The tree currently has lemons on it so I don't want to apply any toxic pesticides, are there any other options? It's an improved meyers from monrovia- it came off their truck about a week ago so I suspect it has had the miners for quite some time.

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Trees, do you have very many lemons? I want ot buy a couple of real, tree-ripened lemons if you can spare any.

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Tomato, I have 5 or 6 that are still green and growing. If I can get the tree to stop stressing before it croaks, I would be happy to share a lemon or two. I'll post pictures when they are getting close :)

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