My other Palms in Va Beach!

tropicpalmsAugust 31, 2010

Heres some of my other palms i couldn't fit on the other post so i added them to this one! hope you like them i will be getting more nice rare palms soon and i will be sure to post pics. i am also building a huge greenhouse this next month so we will see how that goes! thanks again to you all, Really! -Justin in Vb

Dioon Spinulosm first growth of the year:

Newest growth 2nd time this summer:

1 of my sago palms in the island area:

my oyster plant,(moses in cradle)i brought back a few years ago from Mexico:

30gal. Canary Island Date:

30gal. Phoenix Sylvestris:

30gal. Phoenix Dactylifera:

my little sea grape i accidentaly left outside til january and the roots lived and all that is new growth, im glad its not dead!

little sucker pup agave americana:

my bottle palm that took a beating last winter and is starting to come back nicely.

Madagascar Palm:

Chamaedorea Microspadix - Bamboo Palm (Mexico)

small fishtail opening:

Angled Pindo:

Dypsis Leptocheilos - Teddy Bear Palm at an angle starting to curve.

little 7gal. full Chusan windmill:

Manila/Christmas Palm:

Dypsis Decaryi - Triangle Palm

starting to form a trunk:

7gal. Travelers Palm

Mexican Fan in pot:

Quad. Trachy:

rough/natural trunk:

Cleaned trunk:

Areca Vestiaria - Orange Crownshaft Palm (Maroon form)

Chambeyronia Macrocarpa - Flamethrower Palm:

2 Different style Pindo Palms:

Gaussia Maya - Maya Palm

little majesty i have had for years:

Little silver Pindo:

another of travelers palm


Chubby 4' Washingtonia:

Phoenix Dacty. flowering:

Borneo Giant Upright Elephants:


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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

Those are FANTASTIC!!!...I'd LOVE to have a Travelers Palm but not sure they would grow here :(

Well done!!

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Beautiful palms!!! They all look really great and very healthy! Your yard is looking extremely tropical! Thanks for sharing!!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I really enjoy seeing what you have accomplished and one of the great feats is that you have done this in Virgina Beach. I like the idea of a big greenhouse for potted palms to overwinter and the technique of planting a palm on an angle. Where on earth did you buy all these palms?

I also would still keep in mind some cold protection ideas just in case some artic air ever dips your way. I would perhaps delay cleaning the trunks of washys and other palms until they had a full year to establish and thus be more cold tolerant.

If you still have room, how about a potted coconut palm? I grew a real large one in a pot here in NYC.

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Looking good!
What a collection!-
and we get to watch your dog grow up,I
feel like I have known him since he was a pup!
Looks like he's waiting for coconuts in the pic with your CC-nut palm.
What kind of banana is that in the second to last picture?

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What a great collection. You seem to like all the palms that I like!

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Damn! I have never heard of a couple of those

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Thank you all for the very nice comments! i appreciate them all. knotz-what part of washington do u live in?
Brooklyn- thanks again... yeah i was born in my mothers house here in va beach and still live in va beach. i got tired of seeing her house with the same landscaping as everyone else bushes and shrubs also huge trees, too many...anyway especially when i love palms so i changed her yard. I will start the greenhouse soon its kinda in my head haha. i bought the palms all over some down south personally, some e-bay, some online nurseries, friends. I definitely agree with you totally about the cleaning the trunks, i mainly did that washingtonia becase the trunk was sooo messed up anyway i couldnt look at it any longer. I will definitely have many cold protection methods eespecially the first few years, trust me i will have mrs laura's help for protection hesr are perfect as everyone has seen!
My dogs name is Irie (jamaica...) and she is 71/2 months english retriever. shes always around with me everywhere obsessed with outside life.thanks jimhardy she has grown sooo fast! the banana is musa orinocco.
i have a huge list of palms i want soon as im sure many of us do! so ill keep you posted thanks again for the comments! -Justin in VB

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hey Justin your palms and backyard paradise looks great all you need is Jimmy buffet to show up. =-) anyhows where did you get the seagrapes?I fell in love with them every since me and my wife had our honeymoon in u.s.v.i.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

hi Justin,

I like dogs as well. This is funny. I saw an add with that name that read
"Jamaica me crazy"

PS. Laura if you see this, the hardy hibiscus is blooming an incredible burgundy-red. Can you believe it grow so fast!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Everything looks great!!!


I'm glad you have blooms this summer!!! They really do grow quite fast and have beautiful flowers!!! Great news my friend!!!

Hope all is well Brooklyn!!!

Laura in VB

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Wow, looks alot like somewhere around my area!!!:)

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