last shot of fertilizer for the summer.

andyandy(6bMI)August 2, 2010

80 and very humid at 9:50. I gave all of my palms their last dose of palm fertilizer Saturday (we were supposed to get rain but never did). at this point of the year you never know when next real hot spell will be the last. With it hitting 85 today (sunny) and only dropping to 72 tonight and the next three days supposed to be 89 storms 90 storms, and 90 sunny I figured this would be the time. August here is typically warm but Septmber typically shows a real drop off (sept 1 ave high 79 and end of month aver high 68).

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andyandy.. Why do you stop feeding? Is it to give them a rest.

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I will keep fertilizing my stuff until Labor Day. Then I cut back on fertilizer and water to let them harden off before the cold weather of October arrives.

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Plant 54-
I don't want to over feed them and get a little burn. I use Carl Pool Palm fertilizer which is designed to give immidiate sustinence and also has a slow release part to it.

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I pretty new to growing palms, but ive been using Grow More 28-8-18 and add Mg from time to time.

I also been using jacks professional 25-5-15 hpf at times the jacks contains no urea as a source of nitrogen and is more complete in containing minors.

I always feed in ppm of nitrogen which is about 200ppm.

Like I said im new to growing palms, does anyone think this is to much?

Sorry Andy i dont mean to high jack your posting, but hey you got me going on coconuts:)

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Palms need magnesium and manganese. That's why I use Carl pool. Where are you? Zone 4 is like the UP aroung here (Michigan).

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Im still fertilizing and watering like normal since it wont be until at least mid September before the weather starts to cool down and by October, 80s arent widespread. Im already noticing that some of the plants (mainly the flowering plants) are starting to get "tired". Im not sure if its because I havent been fertilizing as much as I should have, or maybe its just because they are outgrowing there pots but the plants in the ground do not have this problem and my cannas are taller than EVER before and currently measuring at about or maybe a little over 8 feet. Im probably going to give my palms there last dose of fertilizer in September giving them about 2 more months to grow before they start slowing down for winter. My windmill palms grow about a frond from November to March so they do grow during the cooler months, just very very slow.
Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I was thinking the same thing. My guess is zones 4-5 should give the last dose now and do not wait. Zones 6 and 7 within the next week for zone 6 and two weeks for zone 7. Zone 8 and 9 still can give fertilize until mid Sept. (Zone 9 probably Oct 1)

Of course the more south or warm you are allows more time for it to work and the palm to prepare for its winter cycle. Over fertilzing and giving too much before the fall is best to avoid I agree.

For those of you who are getting drought conditions like us in Brooklyn NY, water your palms now while we're still having days in the 80s and 90s before growth starts slowing on cool nites.

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Andy yes I live in the U.P. being a newbe to palms ill take the advice an stop feeding.

I should post some photos of some of the stuff i grow, i see us_marine used tinypic, just need to figure out the how too.

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I'll help all i can. I've been groing palms indoors/outdoors since 2004. You have taken on a challenge if you are in the UP. How many 80 degree days have you had?Has it hit 90 up there at all?

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Andy we had few 90s, mostly mid to upper 80s. Most of the stuff i grow are in containers, all the palms are in containers

Im not to worried i have a couple of 2'-5' propagating mats and a small heated greenhouse with a vented ng heater.

it runs about $50.00 a month in the winter to operate, not to bad.

I guess the most sub-tropical ive ever grown is Theobroma cacao (chocolate tree) and Coffee arabica (Coffee Plant) both are about 4' tall, the coffee got a few beans this year.

I also have citrus, bananas an figs all in containers. got started with figs 1 year ago. been going citrus and bananas since the 80s. never got a banana to fruit but i enjoy them.

citrus an bananas are a little boring so a good challenge in growing palms should be fun.

thanks andy for the offer to help. i hope to do the same. what all are you growing?

how far away are you from the oil spill?

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I just gave my last dose of palm fertilizer to my palms 2 days ago(Carl Pools palm fertilizer)sprinkled liberally around all the palms.

Almost 3" of rain since then has delivered it.

I will go with a does of Potassium 0-0-50 in early September to strengthen cell walls and help the palms harden off for winter.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Jim, how the Thai Giant doing? Any work about the leaf theif?

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The flower opened today and it is putting out a new(smaller)leaf,that's about it!!

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