My Biggest Project Ever

planterjakeAugust 4, 2011

You can see before and after's of the biggest project I have ever taken. I love the way it turned out. Any questions, just ask...

Go to my blog.

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Looks great! Very nice and lush and I love all the blooms and bananas! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! Those Hosta's are beautiful and actually have a scent that is lovely. I know most here on this baord and others who do tropicals don't like them, but I do. The leaves lend themeselves to this style of gardening and later blooming varities like these white ones extend the colour.


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Hostas are extremely common here and I know why! I was in someone's yard a few years back who was Hosta crazy and they had a whole row of them and the fragrance was amazing!
Its actually kind of hard not to like them. I dont personally plant them because the bugs destroy them around here, but other than that, I really do like them. I cant even think of another shade tolerant, fragrant, flowering plant that is bulletproof down to at least a zone 5. And the big, colorful leaves are an added bonus

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