Butterfly bush.. visitors etc

jimhardyAugust 16, 2013

I really love the flowers on these B-bushes...
they seem to glow whether in shade or sun.

East to west

This A.Konjac is almost 6' across - yardstick on top


New Zealand Castor..awesome purplish color.


Check out the yardstick on the tallest Castor's leaf,the leaf stems are almost 3' the leaf is

Thai giant leaf in there...look at the yardstick again,this thing is maybe 9' across.
You can also see what looks like a flower sheath coming up(in the last picture)...more on this tomorrow.

Look how tiny that yardstick looks,
thats the smaller leaf too-LOL

Flower sheath in the middle?

Thanks for looking!

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I had no idea that castor leaves could get 3 feet across...that's crazy!

What kind of banana is that next to the green castor? (pic right above tesan)

Very nice job overwintering that thai giant allowing it to get that big. I never had luck overwintering them...

Your washy is HUGE!!! You should be very proud.

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Thanks Ryan

Yea,the Castor bean plants are fun-from seed to giant in a few short months.

Banana is E.Glaucum,there is a little bigger one (kinda)in the pic with the Princeps,Sabal Lou etc.

The Thai giant did ok in a south window over the winter,I think it just made it to spring.

The Washy is getting big for sure,supposed to heat up again to for at least 10 days,that should get a few more leaves growing...Thai giant too!

End of the season pics should be fun(-:

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Looks great. It's always nice to see wildlife in your yard.

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I like the butterfly bushes too. Cut mine back to 3-5 feet as they are weak-rooted and come down easily in storms (evergreen here).

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I have seen this pic somewhere(-;

Had no idea that was you over there.

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Butterfly bushes are great plants. This post is definitely making me want to try some next season!
Thanks for sharing.

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