My indoor Palm is dying!! please help

sumbulAugust 6, 2006


Last year i bought a MAJESTY PALM (Raveanea)thats the name on the label. Its a regular indoor palm. After a few months of living, the leaves of the plant started becoming brown and dying off. i did that root pruning/repotting and but the plant hasnt become better. It started as a very bushy plant and now has only 2 branches left.

How can I salvage the plant?

Also I bought a new bushy palm (same variety). its root bound, how should I root prune to ensure that it will stay healthy and how should i take care of it. I dont want this one to die.

I'd appreciate all suggetsions. Thanks

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

#1 you DON'T root prune unless you know for sure that its ok. Its probably NOT ok for this palm. There are many palms that do NOT like they roots messed with. Its ok to repot but I bet the palm is in some type of SHOCK. I would give it plenty of water, lots of SUN and proper growing conditions to see if it will stablize. If not, toss it out and start over.

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You have a baby of what will be a rather large palm...I've seen them planted in the ground as poolscapes inside a screened pool area here in central florida. They'll be in for a shock in a few years...

...check the link below for a little more info...Z

Here is a link that might be useful: The Mighty Majesty

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bihai(zone 9)

Even though the Majesty Palm is frequently sold for interiorscape, from research I have done, its not really suited for indoor use for a long period of time. It just needs more humidity than you can get in the house, especially an air conditioned house.

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Thanks you guys for your advise

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