Trees Are All Outside And I have One Inflo....

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaMay 1, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

This has been one heck of a winter for a lot of us here as well as in the south, Midwest and the north. I have never seen temps and windchills in the -15 degrees In A long time and my palms have managed to be holding on except for two Butias.. Im Still keeping the faith, but it still hurts to see these beauties that I have nurtured for twenty years die before my eyes. Stinks, actually.

My saving grace is my Kaneohe Sunburst that has opened and is giving me the excitement that I need to get me going as well as talking about plans for the summer!!! ;-)

I wanted to share the inflo as well as my beautiful lei ring that a friend made for me down in Florida

Take care,


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Trees are all outside and ready to start the summer..

I hope everyone has a wonderful season and that you have many beautiful blooms!!!

James... It's been hard with the weather, I hope your patch has done better than mine... I hope you are well... You all have had a mild winter, sooo lucky!!!



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Lovely Lei Laura!!! roxanne

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Rox, thank you. I tried to email you... I know the colors that you like, if " Santa" was to make something, would you like cobalt or white to go on your cobalt tables? Just a thought... ;-)

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Wow laura. That's is fantastic color. I keep telling myself that I have all I need and then I see one like that.


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Hi Laura! SO GLAD to hear you finally have them outside!!! Let's get this party started! haha!

Your Kaneohe Sunburst is gorgeous! One of my faves! I bet your plants will wake up quickly and be pushing leaves and inflos in no time.

I have a few developing inflos so I'm pretty excited about that! My plants are still trying to leaf out but we're making some progress!

We all look forward to your pictures and updates of your plants!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Lol... Thanks, Mike!!!

It is a problem... I said only a few this year and I just bought a few.. That's it!!! ;-)

Have a great day!!!


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Oh beautiful Laura! How's Kapalua doing? I'm so anxious to see it blooms!

Most of my plants are still trying to wake up. Hopefully this heat wave will get them going!

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Hello my friend :)

So excited to hear that you have a bloom! I'm expecting great things to happen for all of us this year(eternal optimist)! I'm in the same boat as others, waiting for leaves. I see some progress but as you know it's never fast enough! LOL

Good to see you posting!

Nicole XO+

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Emily!!!

I have been thinking of you... Lol!! Thanks for all you do!!! You are a sweetheart!!! I gave Peg a hug for you too! She was pleased and I told her she can pack anything we find.. ;-)

Always a pleasure to see you and I am Ready to " get this party started too". Lol. ;-)

Everything is outside and I feel good about the time and temps. I did have to secure everything because of the high wind advisories .. So they are all set.

I can't wait to see your beauties and I'm happy to hear you have's a wonderful feeling!!

Some of mine are pushing leaves in just three days outside. It's amazing what Mother Nature does and how they respond to the " real thing". Nothing compares to being outside verses grow lights. They help. But the sun is the best...

Have a wonderful day, Emily!!! Xoxox

Hello my partner in crime!!! Nicole!!!! ;-)

Things are settled for July.. Whoop whoop ! Looking forward to seeing you and Jason at the show.!! Maybe we can discuss the CAS case!!! Lmao!!!

I'm working on the two cuttings you asked about, but nothing yet. I won't forget though... ;-)

It's nice to post again... Thank you for your support. You know how I feel and I am thankful for you and your friendship ! That is what matters most!!!

You all have had such a Mild winter, so I'm sure you will have leaves and inflos soon!!! Lucky lady!!!

Take good care my friend.. I looked at My Clare Corre and I always think of you!!!! I have this pic of it and its roots. I have to show it to you. I'll find it and post. It has three tips now and im Really hoping that it will give me a surprise this summer. I didnt t know it was Kukaits before I bought it. I just remember you saying.. GO... Get it. Lol!!! I believed you and I am so thankful... I love it!!! This CC has grown and its branches are about 14 inches each!! Whooooo. Hooooo!!!

have a wonderful summer and I and ( Peg) can't wait to see you!!! ;-)

Take good care, sweetie!!! Xo

Hi lynn!!!

All of the trees are happy outside. Im Just happy that its all over with. It's a lot of work, but it is worth it.

Thanks for asking about my Kapalua!!! He is doing great in his corner of the deck. The eight inflos that started this winter inside are struggling since they were so premature, but Im staying positive because the other stems and even the new stems are showing signs of inflos. So I'm sure I will see blooms off of my baby this summer. I had a feeling all of the ones that pushed this fall wouldn't make it, but its gifting me with fresh ones. " a gift that keeps giving.." I love this tree!! ;-)

I hope your trees are doing well! Im Sure you will have some beautiful blooms this summer!!!!

Take care everyone!!!


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maark23 TX/8a

It's great to hear everything is outside already! They will be full of leaves in no time!

Do you start applying ferts now? Or once they have more leaves?


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plumejunkie(9a SF Bay Area)

Wow, look @ all those ROOTS!!!
That's awesome! Glad ur outside finally, mine have been outside for weeks & seem to b doing well. Your very lucky to have blooms & your pics look AWESOME, as always!

Tell me, do you have it bad like me this season? I've added 9 this so far...... wait, 11. Just ordered 2 from jj's yesterday. :P

How hot is it getting in your neck of the woods? We had 90's here for 4 days straight.... :)
Now it's in the 70's for the next 3 days. What a let down right..... Lol. At least the short heat wave sturred my plants up a bit, a number of my plants have tiny leaflets forming. A couple have fully formed leaves, maui red dragon/dragons breath (I don't know which) & scarlet night is opening today.

Glad your doing well & can't wait to see how Bad As_ your trees are this year, keep up the posting!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mark!!!

I have started fertilizing after I brought them Outside. Once the night time temps stay above 50-55 degrees, I fertigate. I also water a little before I add my water soluble fertilizer to prevent any burn. I watered today and I will give them a dose tomorrow. I have a few repots and potting up, so I will wait on those and let them acclimate for a week or so and then dilute the fertilizer on those. But yes, if the weather Is warm and above 55 at night , I Go for it.

Hi Jason!!

Thanks... They were some healthy roots.. Love them!!!!

You are so kind, thank you!!! Glad to hear your are outside as well. What a great feeling to get them outside to e joy the sunshine... I love it!!!

We all have it bad.. Lol. Don't feel like you are the only one... I bought three from Florida colors. Ordered one from California and I said that would be it,
we shall see. Lol. I'm still searching for Butterfly Gold, and I did find a. Source. It will take a few weeks tho. That's ok with me!!!, I LOVE that one!!!!

We had highs into the mid seventies and are expecting eighties tomorrow. Rain the next two days and the highs into the low 60's. yikes.. They will adjust.... It's flipping all,of the time... Driving me nuts, but I feel like my trees are acclimating better then if it was to hoe and sunny. So that is a positive.

Mm. You have Scarlet Night? Kukats tree? I have Fantasia and Edelstein from him!!! I love those beauties.... Oh.. Clare Corre too!!!! Good luch with them and please post pics....

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Jason!!! I hope to see you at the open house...,

Thanks for the lift too... ;-). I appreciate it very much!!!
The little bird is a sweetheart!!! ;-)



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tamela_star(Zone 7)

Hi Laura!
Those are some great photos thank you for sharing. The ring suits you well. I put one of the cuttings you gave me in my small greenhouse to see if it would root faster than the others that are indoors. Time will tell. I hope to see more photos from you.
Bless you

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plumejunkie(9a SF Bay Area)

Hey Super Fantastic Laura,

Yes I have scarlet night. Got it on ebay, but next time, I'd wait for brad to get it and forgo the auction. Ehhhh, live and learn. As far as kukiats go, I have scarlet night, Claire corre, & a 3 tipped stardust. ;). I'm really hoping that heart of the night gets released this season!

Butterfly gold looks interesting, never heard of it before. Good luck.
Oh......would that make it 5 this season??? :P

So spill the goods, what have you picked up soo far?
I'll go 1st. started with.....Claire Corre, Lady Barbie, Stardust, & Ms, Nunburi; then I got Scott Pratt, & wildfire (the ugly one I call it); then it was Indonesian Rose, Texas Aggie, & Plew Suriya; following that it was Purple Haze & Temple fire which should be here by Thursday (my 1st Jj's, both should show exceptional color in my heat); next it was Yolanda & Leina(for Mother's Day), and finally..... Lakes passion.

I may end up with 30 more this season if I keep up @ the rate I'm going. Ugh
Me and a little birdie joke that being a plumeria addict is like being a drug just "GOTTA HAVE IT!" Hahahahaha. Oh, she guessed I'd end up with 17-20. I'm getting close, YIKES!

On the whole rain issue, a couple weeks after I put my plants out it rained, & that night it got down to 46. I wasn't really worried because the more experience I get won't my new soil mix, the more I heart it! :P. It's preformed exceptionally well in wet as well as heat. All that's left is to see how it does in the Hot Hot Heat of my summers, that's when the colors get really good! ;).

Anyway, I've been rambling.....the reason I brought it up is because of mulch. I've been using a bamboo mulch, & it proved very helpful during the rain! It helped absorb some of the water before it hit the soil.

The mulch has proven to be a great addition so far. I've found it protects from rain, helps keep soil moist in heat (preserving soil biology), helps keep soil temps down in super hot heat (I've had plants fry from pots getting too hot), can be misted to add humidity, & releases potassium as it decomposes. Thought you'd find that interesting.

Oh, while I'm thinking about it, how much experience do you have with pruning? I want to cut both sides off my biggest tree for symmetry. I have a post on it, "the pruning dilemma." Maybe you can check it out.

I'm trying hard to make the open house happen. It would be great to rock that thing out. I plan to have my purchases made & shipped bf I arrive. A little birdie told me those things get super loco & I'm waayyyy to laid back for all that wackiness. I'm going for social hour & to enjoy the show.

Yes, little birdies can be very lovely as they flutter about.

Here's a little something for you, scarlet night trying to open her 1st retarded little

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plumejunkie(9a SF Bay Area)

Here's 1 more. I need to stake it properly.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tamala star !!!"

Thank you!!

I think putting the cuttings In The greenhouse is a great idea. Do you have them on heat mats? I took my heat mats that I had inside and placed them inside the greenhouse in a container and placed the cuttings inside. It will really help speed up the rooting process.

The best of luck to you !! Again, thank you!!!

Hi Jason,

Lol.. You are good at counting!!! I thought I was going to be really good and keep it around 3-4...

Ok.. Confession.. I'm looking for and have found a Butterfly Gold. It's truly amazing and I'm tickled to find one. I am having a Corona Surprise being grafted for me at Florida Colors and should have it in about four weeks..

The other three that I ordered from FC are Aurelia. Musk Rainbow and
Raspberry Sundae. All are grafted from Tex. they are all potted up and ready for the season. I'll post a pic of the three from FC.

Kukait has some beauties. But I think Im Not going to buy any this year... I'm happy with Edelstein , Fantasia and C C. I did remember the bidding on the Scarlet Night and I was sitting on the edge of my seat.. Wow. I agree, I think the next week. BBB had them listed And I could have saved a few dollars too.. Oh well...

The list is quite impressive that you have already. Lol.. Your little " birdie". Is good at helping pick some winners.. Listen to those song birds!!! lol!!!

Thirty more this season.. My heart is beating fast because I'm envious and excited as well as thinking what my hubby would say. I don't think I could hide all of those in one season... LMAO!! Good job. They are great varieties!!!

Sounds. Like you are quite happy with the makeup of your mix and I'm happy for you!!!! I know you like to experiment, so let jus know how it goes.. I am interested , so keep me posted!!

I'm not afraid to prune my trees and it did take a year before I felt comfortable to see where they needed to be trimmed to keep some balance. I'm not an expert, but I'll look at your trees and see what I would do. It's just hard to cut because I want to see inflos and I know that it will take time for the new cut branch to produce new little ones and then more time for inflos. I always remember BIll talking about " selective pruning". And he did this to ensure seeing Inflos at least on some of the branches. He would select only a few and then the following year, he would prune the other ones. That would give them a chance ....

I'll check it out though... ;-)

Thanks for the Scarlet NIght leaf intro.. It's beautiful... I really love that one and the other that was offered that was more satin red. The name escapes me right now. I did bid on it, but I stopped when my heart started to hurt... LOL!

Sounds. Like open house will be a great time and I also have heard that a lot of trees will be already taken before the show. But I haven't seen a nursery like JJs, so I'm thrilled for the experience as well as all of the friends. That will be there. Lots of wonderful people!

Tex and Kay will be at the SCPS meeting and it will be fun to see them again.

Peg and I are really excited and are starting to feel like kids again looking forward to Christmas morning. We just don't get the chance to see these nurseries like Uplands, JJjs etc. we are happy campers!!! Hope to see ou there!!

Ohhhhh. I almost forgot to tell you.. I think I see with my inspector glasses an inflo on my Makaha Sunn!! Talk about being stoked!!! Duvachelle has one on her too!!! Double stoked... :-)

Thanks for the pics.. They all look great.

Take care,


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Laura- the roots on CC give a whole new meaning to the term "show me your roots"! Oh wait, it's "show me your blooms" LOL. Looking fabulous!

You know my ears keep burning...wonder why? :) Sure is a lot of bird talk around here. Hee-hee

The season is off and running! I'm thrilled :)


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