Fig Tree?

GeneTheNewGuySeptember 25, 2012

Anybody grow a fig tree around OKC area?

I am curious and want to try one if feasible.



OH BTW it's thundering and hopefully going to rain! WOOHOO

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I ordered one from starks bros. I live in OKC. I hope, I can get figs.

Will keep you posted.


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I have had a Brown Turkey fig for over 20 years in Adair Co, z6b. It's not a tree but a multistemmed bush as it has died to the ground several times. This past year it didn't die back but a late light frost took out the early figs. Got about 2 dozen was all. We bought 2 new figs last year and overwintered them in the greenhouse, unheated. Then this spring I planted them in 18 gal totes and will move them in this winter after they get a few light frosts to make them go dormant. They are Desert King and White Kadota and are supposed to be hardy to z6b. I may eventually plant them in the ground.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I have grown figs both in the ground and in containers since moving here, and they have done fine either way, Gene. I am about 120 miles south of OKC and in zone 7b, but am in a low-lying creek hollow in the already low-lying Red River Valley and we get surprisingly cold surprisingly late in spring many years. From 2007 or 2008 through 2011 we had a late, killing freeze on May 3rd or 4th every spring, even though our average last frost date is March 28th. Those late frosts or freezes are hard on all my fruit trees.

I grow Brown Turkey figs too, and the current plants were purchased in 1-gallon pots from Lowe's in the spring of 2011. Because we already had horrendous drought developing when I bought them, I put them in 3-gallon pots and kept them on the patio all that year, so they only had morning sun and then shade the rest of the day. I don't think they would have survived otherwise. Early in 2012 I potted them up into pots that I'd say are about 10-gallon sized. The trees are are 8' tall and about 4' wide and are getting too big for the pots they're in. I'll keep them in those pots in the unheated greenhouse through winter, and then likely will put those two fig trees into the ground. I want to buy and plant a couple more different varieties and likely at least one of them will be Chicago Hardy.

Even when we lived in Fort Worth in zone 8, the trees occasionally froze back to the ground, which does keep them more shrubby than tree-like, but they regrow really fast and produce on new wood so you don't lose the whole crop--just the early ones you would have had.

Our small trees produced a couple dozen figs in mid-summer 2012 from the early crop, and now they have quite a few new ones for the fall harvest. The late figs are quite a ways from sizing up, so we'll see if they manage to ripen before cold weather sets in.

There's always a chance you'll completely lose a fig tree in an abnormally cold spell of winter weather, but generally they only freeze back to the ground and then recover. They need to be in well-drained soil though. If they are in slow-draining soil that holds too much moisture in winter, they're more prone to die in a cold spell. I cannot keep figs alive in the winter in my clay, so that restricts the possible planting area to one spot where we have a band of sandy/silty soil. Without that band, I couldn't grow figs at all in the ground here.


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I had a relative that lived on the south side of okc that used to have a fig tree. I don't have any more details than that, I just remember that she did.


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I have four year old Brown Turkey fig tree (woody bush!), my experience is same as with Dorothy and Dawn. It dry down to ground every winter and bounce back and grow rapidly into woody bush. Even thought it starts from scratch at ground zero but every year it grows taller than previous year may because root system keep expanding every year and shoots try to match. We got only four fruits in the spring but now it has about dozen unripe fruits. I had planted another hardy fig last spring, but this summer killed it.

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