Wow, What a Change

andyandy(6bMI)August 16, 2010

It seems odd to describe an 81 degree day (45th strait day with a high in the 80s) as fall like but it was. Breezy with very little humidity. We may even fall below 60 tonight. They are saying 86 though in a few days. It was still not too bad for growing. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the uv index hit 8. 83 tomorrow. That shows you how low the humidity is when it can hit the 80s dring the day and fall to 60 at night. It is nice having all of the windows open. Lat i checked it was 69 out.

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Yes, it was a beautiful day here around 80 degrees too. Upper 50's tonight second night in a row. It does feel like fall, with the cool northwest breeze from Canada.

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Its far from fall here today! It got to the 90s and there were thunderstorms, they just all missed my area, some just by 2 or 3 miles!! But right now you can see flashes of lightning in the distance and its really really humid out there. Humidity is at 98% and the dew point is at 73F which is really high since the actual temperature is 74F! The closer the dew point is to the actual temperature, the more humid. Windows are also all very fogged up. Tonight will be in the 70s as usual, but I do see some nights in the upper 60s in the forecast so it is getting cooler and there are some days in the forecast that are only in the low 80s. I have no doubt that it is starting to get cooler. I just hope we can enjoy the 80s for a bit longer. Some people tire of summer and long for winter, but I really wouldnt mind summer all year long!!
Good luck!

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It was certainly a refreshing change from what we've had.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I agree. We still have this great summer weather and lets enjoy it by doing summer activities while our palms are growing as well:)

Last night we went out after the storm and the humidity and the temps in Brooklyn were pure tropical. People complained about how humid it was, but I said its great. How many perfectly still warm humid nights will we really have before Fall winds come. Our plants love this weather. I am enjoying summer and going swimming this weekend Lord willing.

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