What are your must have this season?

erika79(Zone 9)May 14, 2010

Hello everyone we all have our favorites, but which is your must have this season? I know I'm going to get Kimi Moragne and I also want to get Veracruz rose and a few others. I need to find my list..... I know is somewhere around here, my DH probably hid it from me he thinks I have enough of them but we all know we can't just have one. lol

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Hah! I have too many already. Not getting any more. But I'm going to try to take really good care of my favorite -- the Penang Peach.

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

I just got one of my must haves, Metallica, and the other I will have this year is Musk Rainbow.

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erika79(Zone 9)

Dave: We all know how it is "It all started with one" now I have more than 34 and last summer was my first season. I promised my self that if I had any repeats I would give them away to friends, but is just too hard to let go.

Craftymama: Metallica, wow! I should add it to my list.... lol may be next year this years list is too long.

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Craftymama! How r u girl!!?? A Metallica..Man am I jealous now! I just put out my Plants 2 days ago...was a loooong hard winter here.
To answer the original question, all I want this season is a warm/hot summer!! :)

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, Jo!!! I'm doing really good, and you? I put all my larger plants out today. Sunday all the rest will go out. Can't wait to get my house back! lol I think winter in your area was way rougher than our winter here in Ohio. I keep in touch with a friend in Des Moines, and her winter sucked! Sometimes Ohio isn't all that bad. lol I have to be patient for my Metallica. The guy I'm getting it from is rooting it for me, and he wants it to have a nice big root ball before he ships it. Apparently they are difficult to root. All the better for me, it saves me the effort and the worry! lol Good to hear from you again. You've been quiet for a long time! Take care! Crafty

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I already bought them! I'm going for miniature plants and fragrance:

Jungle Jack's mini-white (miniature)
Divine (miniature)
Delightful (fragrance)
Calcutta Star (fragrance)
Penang Peach (fragrance)

I already have some dwarf type plants like:

Dwarf decidious
Key West Red

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:) Trust me Jo, you don't really want a summer in which plumerias flourish... I would gladly like a cool dry summer like Honolulu has. :)

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No no houstonpat, if you had been through the winter I went thru, you would understand. Snow from November to March and an Ice Storm so bad we were declared a disaster area...I want the heat...and today it's over 90º..so...woohoooo!!!! :)

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