Grass From Bulb Dying Off - How should I proceed?

auri(9)July 26, 2014

These are 2 - 4 shoots of a thick grass growing from bulbs. The blades are almost round, and have a thick waxy like coating to make them very strong.

Once I got them from a neighbor I didn't water for about a week, they seemed fine. They started to wilt, so I watered sparingly. It seems when I water they spruce up a little, but then die even faster again. I'm not sure how she used to keep these, they're dying like crazy!! I'm not able to reach her. The plant has thinned about 75% since I received it.

The soil is damp right now, but have lived outside Nevada with our hot heat. So the top soil dries within 24hrs, and about 1" down it's slightly damp. I have had them for about 2 months, and whether I let the soil dry out completely or keep it moist, they continue dying! I have tried full sun for about a week, they continued dying. Tried shade with still bright light reaching it, continue dying. I'm at a wit's end. The shoots keep producing new ones, but eventually I'm sure it will run out of energy.

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Fori is not pleased

Do you know what they are? A lot of bulb plants pretty much do this every summer--they sprout in the spring, bloom, die back, look terrible, and start over next year. They might be just fine.

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If they indded are @ the end of their yearly growth cycle, and dont show any signs of regeneration, how should they be stored over winter? In the usual place outside, indoors, or a shed maybe? And just bring out where it receives light next February/March right?

No, I'm actually not sure. There hasn't been a positive identification yet. I have an open thread in 'name that plant section' (link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

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I think we have positively identified it from my "Name that Plant" thread. Users trini1 & Alisonoz have recommended Rain Lily - zephyranthes, it seems correct!

With that in mind, anyone have experience with rain lilies dying back over late summer & should I tale any extra care steps? Also, is there a way to update the name of this thread (with Rain Lily title) so others can find it?

Photo of Rain Lilies (for comparison) from the net:

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

If the ID is correct, that would be normal behavior, especially if the ground/potting mix had dried out..

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