Cutting a Palm tree?

beaver007(5B NE)August 21, 2006

A friend and I were talking about my Palm trees today and he popped a question on me that left me speechless.

His question is not species specific but only applies to tall trunking varieties, Here it goes.

What happens to a tall growing trunking type palm tree when you cut them in half? Do they form branches like a corn plant or do they die?

I cant say that I have ever heard any mention of what does happens. so I guess that becomes my question too.

So what does happen?

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

They become dead telephone poles. Do not do this. I repeat, do not do this. Unless you want to carve tikis out of the trunks...

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any palm that suffers major damage to the top is almost always a gonner...

split in half is definetly a gonner :)

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

To get technical, solitary palms have meristematic activity only at the apical spear, unlike other plants or clumping palms that can grow new plant material at many different places.

When the meristem cells are killed (eg, cut off, lightning,) or die (old age, infections), the plant is not necessarily dead, but cannot grow anymore, so when the current foliage is exhausted/expires, the plant dies.

meristem definition from M-W Unabridged:

a formative plant tissue made up typically of small essentially isodiametric cells lacking prominent vacuoles and capable of an indefinite number of divisions and giving rise to initiating cells that remain meristematic and to derivatives that undergo differentiation to produce the various tissues and organs of the plant, all postembryonic growth depending ultimately on the proliferation of meristematic cells  compare CAMBIUM

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TonyfromOz(z10 NSW Aust)

That said, you may get one palm in a thousand that DOES resprout from a decapitated trunk, and the likelihood of that happening seems to vary from one species (or genus) to another.

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