mmp01July 26, 2014

Is it too late to spray bagworms (the kind that look like pinecones) and save my emerald green?

I thought I had accidently sprayed the bottom of my tree with weed killer (vinegar). Upon closer inspection last night, I have bag worms. This morning I sprayed them with a Bonide product with BT. However, now I read it's too late in their life cycle for BT to be effective.
Any suggestions?
Only a portion of the bottom of the tree has browned. Do you think the tree can recover?
Many thanks!

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The Bacillus thuringiensis - Kurstaki bacterium is effective against the bagworms for a short time, generally until they reach 2 weeks of age. After that Neem Oil products may be effective as well as Spinosad and then a pyrethrin based product, keeping in mind these are more broad spectrum and can be harmful to beneficials as well as pests.

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