safer brand for cucumber beetle control

richdelmoJuly 8, 2014

Any opinions on using safer brand to get rid of cucumber beetles which contains pyrethrin which I don't know much about it other than its organic and it claims to kill them on contact, as well as other insects. My cuc plants are already suffering from these bugs so I need to do something fast or it's another year with minimal cucs. I have homemade traps and I pick them regularly but they are way ahead of me at this point. Thanks.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Rich, since you are asking about a product manufactured by a company that produces numerous options, I need you to tell me the exact name of the particular one you've been considering.

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Pyrethrins, while a natural pesticide is a very broad spectrum poison that will kill off any of the predators of
Cucumber Beetles as well as the pests.
Surround, a Kaolin clay that coats the plant leaves, seems to offer a good deal of protection.
It does not kill off the beetles but disguises the plant so they do not land on it. There are a number of other steps to take that the article linked may be of some help with.

Here is a link that might be useful: Control of Cucumber Beetles

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The specific product is Saferî Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer

Thanks for the link sounds like I needed to use kaolin clay earlier in the season but they recommend pyrethrins as a last resort when the beetles feeding on the pollen which they are.

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