bamboo42July 17, 2010

I have been researching these pests because I am being overrun this year. I have purchased some Thuricide with BT to spray on the worms, but I cannot find out about the pheromone traps. Everywhere I look says to put out traps in August to capture males, but nothing ever mentions a brand name or anything. Can someone please tell me what kind of trap I am looking for to capture bagworm moths? I see lots of traps for pantry moths and gypsy moths, but that's about it. Thanks.

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Although I have seen many references to the adult male moth traps I can find none for sale either, apparently tghere is not enough call for that product for any one to stock them.

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Ok, I finally came across one place that sells the traps. I ordered some today and will see how good they do this year.

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