Overwintering Frangipani

cyclonenatJune 11, 2012

Hi im Natalie from New Zealand winter is just starting here, i have 2 young plants and 4 seedlings grown this summer i was wondering if the seedlings will survive the winter, should i water them over the winter?any info will be great thanks

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

i have no experience with seedlings yet, mine have just germinated so Ill be interested to see what advice you get. I would say that it probably depends on how old and how big they are when it comes time to overwinter as to what you would need to do.


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Hi Natalie,
I have seedlings that I have over wintered for 2 years now. I put mine in a cool basement window and I didn't water at all. The largest seedling is about a foot tall.

I would be carefull with watering over the winter. Unless you have the heat and sun light that they need to grow, you may lose those seedlings to rot.

Good luck,

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I've also had luck with putting seedlings in a window, I have several that are three years old now. Each winter I've brought them inside near a sunny window, they've gone dormant and haven't needed water pretty much all winter. Hope yours do good too.

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ok thanks everyone they are in the laundry so might get a bit of humidity from the dryer will that affect them

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Hi Natalie and welcome to the forum! Seedlings shouldn't go dormant that first winter. I've always kept mine in a sunny window or under grow lights. The first winter none went dormant and the second winter about a third dropped their leaves while the others kept going, especially those under lights. Just cut back on the watering depending on how active the plants seem to be.

Young rooted cuttings need much less water over winter, again the amount will depend on whether you're keeping them in some light or not.

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they get the light through the windows some of the small seedlings have already lost there leaves will it die?

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Never give up until you see brown mushy trunks. Your seedlings may lose their leaves and still bounce right back in the spring. Just mist or water very sparingly those with no leaves and I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I agree with Jen...

I would cut way back on the water, but even in the winter...they need some moisture (sparingly). I would keep them dry when you bring them in and keep them from getting to wet. Misting is a great way to add moisture to seedlings... But even when they are dormant, they still need some water ( just a little to keep them alive) Little containers need little water . Like Jen said, if they decide to stay active, then they need to be watered..again, sparingly... In my large continers, i water just a little once a month. This is during a four month time period inside at lower temps in the house. Some that are in the greenhouse need more water because the temps are higher and or the ones under lights need water because they stay active all winter. Just my 2 cents worth!!!

You might want to consider Seedling heat mats too!

Take care,


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thanks everyone i really appreciate the help

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