Any Michigan growers find any palms at box stores?

islandbreezeAugust 2, 2010

I see these other postings of members finding palms at big box stores such as Home Depot and Walmart. Just wondering if any Michigan growers have found any of the more uncommon palms for Michigan, palms other than Chinese fan palms, small roebellinis, and majesties.

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Here in Wisconsin I've only seen the following:

- Majesty palms
- Sago palms
- Chinese fan palms
- Cat palms

Wonder how long before, or if, cold hardy palms will make it this far north. You would think they would rather sell more cold hardy stuff, than thousands of those crappy majesty palms.

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Our Walmart has been caring Cat Palms for over a year. A Walmart garden worker told me they never know what there getting until they unload the truck.
I found some nice pineapple plants one day, 2 days later all gone.

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Walmart in Chicago burbs carries Needle Palms and European Fan Palms.

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Last October the Home Depot in Livonia and Ypsi had green dwarf coconuts. I bought one from the one in Livonia. I wasn't sure how it would do but it made it trough the winter with flying colors and actually started to push a spear up around March. That spear is not a large frond that is about 1/2 split. I did see some fairly large palms at the Home Depot in Ann Arbor that were not the common ones you mentioned. They wanted too much for them though. They were quite attractive. I have no idea what kind. They looked almost a greenish yellow.

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Thanks guys. Andy, I'll have to stop by that Home Depot and see what they have. My big queen died after winter, and the Lowes by my house said they would get large Roebellinis in, but 2 months later still nothing. I did get a small coconut a couple years back, but it rotted over winter. Too bad those stores around here can't catch on like the ones in Chicago.

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If you get a coconut here is a suggestion. Obviously put it in a window where it will get direct sun, give it a couple of hours in the evening of light from a grow light, and place the pot over a heat mat. I used the heat mats that came in seed starting kits for veggie gardners. It will keep the soil at the bottom of the pot in the 700s even if it is only in the 60s in the house. I keep my house at about 61 when i'm at work and 65 when i get home and they came through with flying colors. I was really worried after last years lack of summer. They should be relly helath after this muggy summer (83 with a dew point of 74) as I write this. Good luck.

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