Growing Mosquito Bacteria.

greatriverJuly 21, 2010

Does anyone have any leads on how to grow mosquito killing bacteria, as sold as "Mosquito Control Dunks" or granules?

Obviously, the manufacturers have a process for doing so.

They would need feed source and some sort of processing.

Hopefully it can be done in water, like compost tea, and sprayed every so often.

I'd like to regularly spray it on our land and ponds by the mosquito infected Mississippi River in Iowa--at least to get their predator bacteria established in the yard.


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The strains of Bacillu thuringiensis that aid in control of mosquitoes occurs naturally, but usually in such small numbers that they do not do a good job of control. Growing those strains requires, as best as I can find, controlled laboratory conditions.

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BtI is so very, very inexpensive it should be a part of most homeowner's arsenals of safe but effective insecticides. And it only takes a tiny dunk to control a huge area for a long time. Not hardly worth the effort to try to manufacture them even if you could. One card of two lasts me a whole season.

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

I agree that the investment in equipment and space would be much more costly than fuel, material and taxes.


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