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tdogdad(Zone 9)June 10, 2012

It took me an hour to foliar feed my plumerias with three gallons of spray-n-grow with my handy rolling pump sprayer. Even though here in Calif. we are still getting foggy marine layer days followed by sunny days so only a few of my plants are blooming, I noticed that many are just a few hot days from popping. I was pleased to see that my Daisy Wilcox has about 25 inflos and my T.Lemon drop has about 40. Also my Charlotte Ebert has over a dozen as does my Kaneohe Sunrise. Celadine, Psycho and samoan fluff are beyond count. So I think July is going to be a lei making month around here. Come on hot days- I need some blooms.

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Please post pic's when Psycho blooms. I love that one and cannot find a cutting anywhere :( So I will just love the blooms you show.


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Great news Bill! I hope the weather really turns around for you! I would really like to see some blooming pics once your plumeria really start blooming!

Also time for me to start the Spray and Grow.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Bill!!!

I get excited over one inflo... : )

Now your telling me that you have over 25 on Daisy? The little one from your tree is showing an inflo on mine, so i am really excited about the DW. This was the very first Plumeria that ever bloomed for me long after i had rooted the cutting from you. I an so happy that she is showing her beauty again...

Elizabeth Thornton Lemon Drop has three inflos... This beautiful tree is another one of my favorites... : ) I can only inagine what yours looks like out in Costa. I bet BG has alot on his tree as well. Must be wonderful!!!

Psycho is doing well.. This "beast" loves the humidity here in VB and i am hoping that it will continue to push 1% of what the parent tree is providing you!!!

CE is in the process of rooting and looks great. I will let you know how the "Green Giant " nubs are doing... LOL

I hope that Marine layer starts to lift for you and you all have some hot and sunny days!!!

Please post some pictures when they start to open and cause the neighbors to stir with the smell of the tropics...

I hope you are doing well... Thinking of you all out there and wishing that everything works out for you this month....

Take Good Care Bill!!!


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Hey, I can now join the Thornton's Lemon Drop fan club! Mine is sporting seven inflos--yay!

Looking forward to your photos, Bill.

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Hi Laura,
After reading your post, I had to share my experience with my Daisy Wilcox, also from Bill's parent tree, whixh makes it even more special to me!

DW is also an enormous cutting. I had to put it into a bucket with the other cuttings just to keep her up right.
What amazed me was that the tips had about 12 or so new tips trying to grow out of it. Right now, only 1 is actively growin but I am sure more will start growing this season.

My 2 sets of antlers..aka Pyscho are also waking up and putting on new growth. Both of these are so big and heavy, I have decided to keep them indoors for a few more weeks, just in case our weather goes sour again.

The smaller of the 2 Pyscho trees has one branch with 9 new branch buds on it! The other branch on the same tree is the same way, at least 5 or 6 new buds on it also!

This has been one of the most rewarding plumeria that I own. The inflo size alone makes it worth me giving up the space for 2 trees. I measured one of the inflos with a tape measure last summer and it was 15 in wide!! Just amazing, and not to mention the scent witch is also incredible.

Hi Stormy,
Probobly in another year or 2, I will have to prune back the largest Pyscho, and if I do, I will let you know so I can share a cutting of it. It really is worth adding to your collection. Just an amazing all around tree!


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