3/4 inch worms ?????

datura-07July 12, 2011

Not sure what they are but they look like the ones that somehow get in the house in the fall and when they die, they curl up and are real hard.

ANyway, We came home yesterday after being gone for the weekend and found hundreds of these little worms. They are about 3/4 inch long and were all around our side garage door. they were even crawling up the side of the house. But the worst thing was when I went out on the deck at midnight. There were hundreds (or more) all over the decks, side of house - EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! There were going in all directions. I only saw a few when I went out this morning.

They have legs down the side of their bodies.

WHAT are they??? and why are they hatching now. And where did they all go.

We are finding them in the house. They just seem to appear out of nowhere, in the middle of the floor. Even are crawling up the walls.

we live out in the country (Wisconsin)

thanks for any help

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That sounds totally gross. Could you possibly get a picture of one of them?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I agree that we're going to have to have some decent images.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

sounds like Millipedes

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I guess they really aren't worms. I was going to say centipede. I just tried to take some pictures and my camera wasn't getting a good close up but as I examined one close up, YES - it looks just like a pic of a milliped.

I'm reading about them now. They like damp areas especially oak leaves. We live out in the woods - many oak leaves and lots of shade so the ground around or under our decks are probably damp.

But why so many all of a sudden????

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I don't think we can do anything to take away their food source since we have decks all around our house and plantings all around. I would imagine the mulch is full of them and I need mulch or I'll have all weeds.

My husband just went out to the garage and they are all over the outside of it. He came in saying "GROSS GROSS GROSS".

His question is why now?? We have lived here 31 years and never anything like this. A few in the fall.

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I just did a web search on millipede swarms, and after a quick reading, it appears that it is a Japanese variety of millipede that has come to North America, as well as other places, and made a total pest of itself. I must admit that I didn't look at any of the YouTube videos, as it's early in the day and I don't want to puke up my shredded wheat. I didn't look too far, but hopefully you will find something to help. Here's some information on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Millipede swarms

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Everyday ordinary millipedes come indoors now & then -- when it's too warm, too wet, too cold and/or too dry.

Once indoors they die in short order. Sweep & remove.

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