415 or 440 horticultural oils

absoluteblockJuly 24, 2013

Where can a consumer purchase small volumes of NR 415 or NR 440 horticultural oils as described here?


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Unable to open the link; it times out.

Those products are likely for large-scale commercial growers.

Hort oils are available for home gardeners, but in reasonable sized amounts. They work when applied according to directions.

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NR (Narrow Range) 415 is meant to be applied with aerial applicators, planes, helicopters, and may be a Restricted Use Pesticide not available to the general public.
NR 445 is listed by some sources as a pollutant, not something one should want to spray around.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It is only the mineral hort.oils that are labeled in that fashion, as the numbers refer to the temperature ( or half temperature) at which these highly refined mineral oils will boil during the distilling process. These are our petroleum distillates. Nothing magic about them, not Restricted unless added to a restricted pesticide. We can buy these oils at the garden center, though there is no need for the specific numbers for homeowner use.

The numbers indicate how an oil can be used. 415 and 440 weight oils are the all-season oils and will be labeled for use on plants year round. These are the super fine oils. Packaged for use in aerial spraying simply because of the molecular fineness but not exclusively used in big agriculture. It is most often used as an additive to an agricultural pesticide of some kind for boom sprayer or aerial applications.

The narrow range (NR) oils are available in many weights. The lower the number, the finer the particles. These oils are much safer to use on your plants without fear of phytotoxicity but may be less effective.

The higher numbered horticulture oils are those that will be designated
for dormant season spraying on deciduous plants. Volke Oil is such an oil.

Absolute, you should know that there are other very effective horticultural oils available for our use. Some are made from refined plant oils. For your purposes, look for a hort. oil using such terminology as 'summer weight ', 'all season ', 'super fine ', 'sun oil ', and similar.

I hope that this has made sense. Kimmer 's response was not accurate and I don't want you to think that these oils are dangerous, toxic, or unavailable to you with different labeling.

As always, be sure to read, understand, and follow the directions on the bottle of whichever hort. oil you end up purchasing.

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Thanks, I bought some Bonide All Season Oil today. 98% Mineral Oil

We'll see what happens.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

What's the remaining 2%? What are you using this product for?

Addendum : I found the label of your product....it looks perfect for general use. The reason I was asking is that are products out there with 2% resmethrin...used for mosquito foggers. Not good.

Your choice was a good one!

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Using it for mites. I did a test experiment with a sample leaf and put it under a stereo microscope a few hours later. The oil turned the mites' webbing into an opaque plastic-like covering. I could even "wrinkle" it by bending the leave and it would return to form.

Whether or not the oil truly smothered them is hard to say. I found no live or recently dead mites. I suspect this is because the spray action dislodged them from the leaf.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Hort. oils are a good choice for spider mite control for some plants.

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I used that Bonide oil and some of the avocado leaves are showing signs of sunburn now. I sprayed the entire tree a month ago and the first signs of sunburn appeared two weeks ago. Not all leaves are affected though. It is mostly lower leaves that were closest to me as I sprayed and those which received the drip runoff from higher leaves.

The tree is evidently stressed by this problem. It dropped maybe 15-20 developed avocados and even some unaffected younger leaves.

I have no idea how this is going to progress. Aside from keeping it watered on a regular schedule, is there any kind of film I can spray to protect the leaves from further damage, kind of like a sunscreen for humans? Or maybe a soap to disperse any oil residue?

I asked this question on the Fruit Trees forum and got no responses, so any help would be appreciated.

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