End of Year photos

chadec(N.C.7b)September 14, 2012

Fall is coming in fast. I have already had to mulch up leaves from all my maples and the cherry trees are bald. Most of my garden does not look very good right now due to complete remodels on several beds. Here are some updates from a few areas left untouched.

My sabal palm and pindo #2

My musa velutina

My largest needle palm

Front yard windmill palms

One of four crapes

sabal minor savannah ga. that over wintered in the ground is starting to produce mature fronds

trachy princeps, which will probably never see the ground.

Fountain area has become overgrown

Second year weeping willow has doubled in size.

Front of patio area.

Monkey puzzle tree starting to branch.

Another trachy and musella lasiocarpa

Some new agaves.

Sabal birmingham has only put out 2 fronds this summer.

Blue med. fan palm behind the agave.

view from down the street.

Photos of a work in process.

No laughing at the new expansion project.

thanks for looking


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Looking good, everything is filling in nicely. The palmetto in the first pic is unique. I've never seen one that size with such a narrow trunk and mature(ish) recurved leaves. Very cool looking. Did you grow the monkey puzzle from seed? Just wondering about the growth rate and/or where you got it. It must be nice to live near PDN and go to the open houses rather than paying $20 for shipping. I thought you lived near Raleigh, I'm guessing from that pic of the mountain, you are probably more toward Winston-Salem or even further into the mountains?

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Thanks bradleyo, I actually live just north of Winston Salem. About 15 minutes to Wake Forest Univ. The photo is of Pilot mountain just north of me.

Its about a 2 hour drive to PDN. But its worth it to be able to talk and get advice from Tony.
I bought the sabal palmetto as a minor from lowes. Dixieboy first said it was a sabal. But once the trunk started I couldn't argue. The monkey puzzle came from ebay. It has grown about 4" this summer along with the 2 branches.

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Looks great Chad-I really love that Princeps and Agave...they look just like mine!(-:

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Thanks Jim, glad you told me where to buy my princeps. The one from North of Florida is twice the size of the other. The agave Americana is my largest pup from now lost mother plant. I have two other pup in the ground. Hopefully with a stronger structure they will overwrinter well.

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Everything looks awesome! The Musa Veluntina sure has a nice crop of bananas! Do you know the name of the canna in the 3rd pic down? It looks really cool and different!
The succulents, bananas, palms, and other tropicals look awesome! Fall is definitely coming fast, but your yard looks like summer still! I think I'll post some pics tomorrow of the yard since it wont be long before things start to cool down. We have already gotten to 51F this month and some areas just a few miles away have seen 40s for lows!


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Thanks Alex. The cannas in the photo are canna indica 'red stripes'. They came from PDN and grow like weeds. I separate these twice a year. I actually have three musa velvets in bloom. Unfortunately they all are getting relocated next year. So after first frost I'll be digging them too. My mekong giant grew to a massive 3'.lol

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