Quick update- King and coco

us_marineSeptember 17, 2013

I'm glad my King palm is coming out of shock. For a while i thought this guy wasn't gonna make it. But now the spear is finally opening. I'm thinking it finally grew enough new roots or I wasn't watering right until recently. Either way can't wait to see how it does if it surives this coming winter. Is gonna be a test with so few fronds but it should be alright unless we have another really cold winter.

My coco is doing good. Growing pretty fast now even though temps are becoming cooler. By the time one spear starts to open another is already visible. Thats fast. Roots are already coming out of the bottom. If only my growing season was a few months longer lol.

- US_Marine

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Glad to hear about your king palm coming back! It will really thrive next season if everything goes well for it this winter!

I'm hoping for another frond on my coconut palm before I bring it in, but the weather this month hasn't been perfect. Just wen't down to 48F this morning which is a daily record low and only going to 67F today before getting back to the upper 70s later this week. Winter's coming!

Thanks for sharing

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Kings REQUIRE heavy watering. They are not drought tolerant palms. On the other hand,with much watering they might be the most beautiful palm in California. They do have a strong coco look. Heck,when I put a potted coco next to my King palm two years ago..almost no difference to the eye.
Just remember..Kings in groups do better in cool winter climates then singles. They seem to protect each other from cold and wind.

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Thanks! How close is your coco from reaching that goal and hows your coco's doing? Mine has a new spear coming up but it may or may not open before next year. Depends on how much more heat we get. Right now temps have been on the cool side, like 70f-80fs for day temps and like low/mid 50fs at night. A little cool for coco's but still warm enough for slow growth and to stay outside. I don't think this year is done yet with warmer temps but we will have to wait and see.

@ stanofh- Yup. I think that was the problem. The top of the soil was holding too much water and wouldn't let it seap through.
And thats the reason I just had to buy it lol. I seen how beautiful they are in SoCal. I should have bought the triples but I wanted to test it out with just one first. They are more expensive in triples even though they were smaller plants than the single. I figured the bigger the plant the better chance it has to survive our winters. It should be alright unless we have another cold winter. Even with the last few winters I seen several survive as well as some majestys and fishtails.

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Update pics:

King palm:


Dwarf banana's- Anyone know how long it takes these guys to fruit inside? I'm thinking about digging them up and growing them inside during winter.

Yucca flower- Not sure if I have seen it flower or not.


Watermelon- Hopefully it ripens soon lol

Fig- I didnt know these guys fruit 2x a year? This si the first year I got figs and already harvested them months ago.

Washy's- Not mine but still nice.


Pumpkins/corn- The corn sprouted up randomly from left over seeds from earlier this year. lol

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Still at it with those cocos :)

Love the bananas and figs as well!

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