Does smashing walnuts kills the pests that invade it?

astralusJuly 11, 2012

f you smash a walnut with eggs of a pest already laid in it, or on it, and throw it away on the ground, can these eggs still hatch, and live, and for how long is that possible. I know it is an odd question, but indulge me please, it is a bet.

Someone asked how hard did I smash it - real hard, the idea was to kill the live insect inside (not the eggs). How big is the risk from further infestation, can hatch if there were eggs and live for how long, can the insect that lived inside survive if I didn't kill it?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i am going to bet a buck.. that there will be no one with experience..

because who is going to go thru the pulp to find out ... why go to all that effort??? you dont plan on using the pulp.. do you????

i would suggest.. that most of us.. would just send them away.. with the garbage man ...

i dont know what the bet is about.. but i would suggest. the through crushing of a bug will kill it ... the impact necessary to get thru the shell should completely mash what is inside.. would one think ..

heck.. butternut is a type of walnut.. and i havent even figured out.. how to smash that nut open ... talk about hard shelled ...


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