Freaking Hail!!!!

kclostMay 11, 2014

4+ months of growing indoors, and after one week outside hail nearly destroys all my plants. I think they will all make it but will have to basically start over. I'm glad I am not a farmer.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

They aren't destroyed. They are well established and will magically re-grow right before your eyes. Snip off broken branches and stake up the ones that are down. Then stand back!


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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Sorry man but yes, DMForcier is right.
I'm so glad we don't get large hail out here but we get other things like extreme heat and droughts.


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Have to agree with DMF. No need to start over. I've seen pics of before and after hailstorm and recovery and pepper plants are troopers!


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Already on it.....

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I've had hail do a number on my plants several times in years past, as everyone says, they bounce back faster than you'd think.

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2 years ago, it hailed twice in a few weeks. My plants looked horrible. I was ready to give up. 2 or 3 weeks later, it was hard to tell anything had ever happened. Hang in there. They bounce back quick.


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