Cyrtostachys Renda ( Red Sealing Wax ) growth rate

wantonfly(9)September 24, 2008

Hi everyone. I'm new to palms and now am enamored with Cyrtostachys Renda. I plan to buy seedlings vs a 2-3 foot plant. I've been searching the web as well as GW site for more specifics on the palm's growth rate. All I can find is "slow growing." Can anyone with experience comment on Cyrtostachys' natural growth history in ideal conditions, ie time from seedling to 1 ft, 2 ft, 5 ft, 10 ft, etc? I'd hate to buy seedlings if it's going to take ten years to get one foot :)

Also, at what age/height will the red color manifest? Thanks.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Have you checked out the Fairchild site?? They have the most culture info I've ever found .
Don't you just love thst "Slow growing"?? lol
One way to get an estimate of not only growth but hardiness is by comparing prices of various sizes The wider the range the more difficulty and time involved at getting it to that size. A mature plant is one of the most expensive by far!!! BTW providing "ideal" conditions is really tough outside of the tropics. Good luck with yours
I killed the three I tried. gary

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These are painfully slow and if you want what you see in the pics on the internet you will be waiting for yrs.They go from one gallon to 3 gallon in 2 3 4 etc yrs. They will not survive with temps under 40 degrees at all and are slow indoors even more.I don't want to sound gloom but I want you to know if you want want soon it will not happen. Good luck

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Thanks Garyfla and David. Fairchild did not give specific rates. I plan to grow them in containers and winterize. I've had success with growing many tropical fruit trees and plants in containers and now looking for (gulp) a new challenge in Cyrtostachys Renda. The more difficult plants are in the end more treasured, right?

Has anyone here grown them from seeds/seedlings and care to share your specific growth rate observations?

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From a bare root cutting 18" tall to a 3g well suckered 3.5 to 4' tall took right at 5 yrs. Now that's in So. FL under 73% shade. That being said, there was a posting on this forum a few months back where someone put a photo of a beautiful plant that a guy way up north was growing indoors. He would probably be the best source on info for your conditions. If you can find that post and talk to him I think you'll be encouraged.

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Thanks steve0910. Guess I'll deduce about under a foot per year in the beginning and decent conditions. Wow! At least I'm still relatively young! I'll try to find the gentleman up north as you suggest.

Anyone grown them from seeds?

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That was 3 ft in 5 yrs from what I understood and that's rapid growth in my opinion.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

If you find a source for these would you share?? Largest I've seen were at Searle Bros . Several hundred dollars for around 4 foot. Would love to see some used as a yard plant here but have been unable to find any. Anyone know of some?? gary

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Garyfla, the one place I'm looking at sells a 3 ft specimen for $125 plus s/h.

I'm still debating whether to get this one or buy seedlings for $15 for 10. Hmmm...5 years for 3 I'm leaning more towards the 3 ft specimen. lol

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I checked the website and one part set off in alarm in me lol. "No species or cultivars" lol While this may be splitting hairs , Fairchild lists 11 species and at least
5 cultivars While Kew ,14, noting "Great variation,which may or may not be cultivars." You are going to pay a lot of money for this plant so be sure you get exactly what you pay for?? C. renda has the greatest red coloring and also the more difficult to grow so suspect substitue species??
I would shop at a specialized nursery to be more sure that you're getting renda. My two cents lol gary

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They have an ebay store with good feedback. I ordered a grafted mango, guava, and avocado from them this week and expect delivery next week. Everything seems legit to me but I'll have to see before I order the renda.

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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

I bought one from their eBay store 2 months ago and it was bigger than I expected with great red coloration. It has settled in nicely and produced noticable growth. I am going to over winter it in my heated greenhouse with my heliconia and sensitive ginger.


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I went ahead and bought 20 seedlings, and they arrived today; very healthy 2-3 inch plants. Will let ya'll know how it turns out in a few years :)

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TI am on my second red sealing, and the first one that I ordered from died. When I received it, it was as if they stuffed it in the box!! The fronds that were too long to fit into the box, were literally bent to fit into the packaging. For a palm that grows EXTREMELY SLOW, it is heart stopping painful when you have to snipp off the tallest of the fronds due to careless packaging!!! ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! There is a seller on ebay that is selling them for $69 bucks with free shipping. I recommend them over tropicalfruitandpalms any day!!

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Be extremely careful do not expose to temps below 50 you will kill it. they pale a the slightest touch of winter chill and they require very high humidity. Mine received MASSIVE cold damage last winter when it got down to 44 it is just now starting to recover.

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Extremely hard to keep happy indoors. I tried and I failed.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

It's been a few years so how are they doing??

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Hi. I hope it's ok to add to this old thread, my subject fits really well:

I got a Cyrtostachys renda seedling a week ago, it spent 6 days in a parcel from Germany to southern Sweden, and they sent it when the forecast showed night temps down to 50F but I think it was slightly warmer than that but I can't be sure. It was quite pale when it arrived (photo is when unpacking, next to a Cyphosperma) and I think it is now even paler, like pale yellow with just a little mottled green in there.

One reason for pale leaves in general is waterlogging but I read this one likes wet feet and normally grows in swamps so I have kept it with about ý" of water on the tray. I'm thinking maybe I should stop that right away before it rots - maybe seedlings don't like it that wet?

But then I found this thread, I knew it can die if under 50F even shortly but didn't know the symptoms. From what I read here, I'm thinking water is probably ok, but that it got too cold.

It's received about 4 hours of direct sun (until 1 pm) here, the rest of the time lots of indirect light, temp around 75F.

So what happens with a cold damaged Cyrtostachys renda I wonder? Will it get better soon, or worse? Should I do something? Or ask the grower to send a new one? I did warn them 2 times about the forecast but it was too difficult for them to delay the shipping process for a few days.

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