Lisa_H(7)October 7, 2012

I was out harvesting zucchetta today and thought ya'll would like to see them :)

two grown up zuchettas making the toddlers jealous

Zucchettas in the wild...

Zucchetta vines taking over the world

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Looks like my house did this week. I made 15 pints and one half pint of squash relish yesterday.

I see that you also had some of the same problems with yours that I did. In years past, they have always bulbed on the blossom end, and the early crop this year looked normal, then they started looking like they didn't pollinate right and didn't form the bulb, or if so, it was a smaller bulb.

I looks like I made it through without a frost last night so I may pick a few more squash, then grate and freeze them for bread and such. I don't usually make zucchini bread, but it seems a shame to waste the squash, or anything else, after the weather year we have had to contend with.

I love to grow Zuchetta. It is by far the most dependable squash for me.

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That is huge! You were right. Mine are far too small. I had the same miniature problem with all my various tomato plants earlier this year. I don't know what's stumping their growth.

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Bon, these things just naturally act like they are on steroids! I don't normally let the squash grow that big, but these two were hiding in the neighbor's yard and I had obviously missed them in the last squash round up!

I did grow these just for fun, since Seedmama made me laugh so much with her stories, but I really do like them. The plants are very hardy, they were not bothered by anything! Well, except when I was forced to step on stems trying to navigate the patch! Next year I will just set them to grow on the fence. They want to grow there anyway! I may try to avoid the back fence though...there's a pit bull back there that doesn't like me to get anywhere near his yard.... Not only are the plants tough, the squash is really good. What I read about them, it sounds like they are a winter squash versus a summer squash. I don't find them as hardy as a winter squash, so I would call it an in between. Fall squash? :) They taste pretty yummy too. I've substituted them in cake for zucchini and it worked very well. I've also cooked them with italian sausage and tomatoes/onions/peppers and I have cooked them with tortelli and alfredo sauce. I like them in both types of dishes.

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My kids love zucchini bread. That's one of the reasons I'm growing squash and not much else right now. ( I had some broccoli amongst the weeds lol)

Btw, squash is one of the worms' favorites! Never worry about having too much squash. They'll handle it all. lol

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All right, you got me convinced! Put me down for some Zucchetta seeds for next year please....


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Sure, Moni!!! Make friends with all your neighbors...you'll be sharing!


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Whoa! Those things are huge! Wow!

Good job!

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Lisa, I always let mine get that size and I consider that about normal.

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Those look good, how are they used and stored?


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Larry, I use mine as a summer squash only, although some claim they work as winter squash. In summer, I fry them, or cut them in strips and stir fry. I slice in half inch rounds and put them on an oiled pan, drizzle a little olive oil and some type of herb seasoning and bake. I make squash casserole, with cooked squash, Ritz crakers, egss, etc. I think I made 21 jars of squash relish. I froze squash for casseroles this winter, and I will probably use the ones left in the garden as frozen shredded squash for bread or cake. You can use them just as zucchini, but no mater how big these get, all of the seeds are in the lower bulb, and the neck is all firm usable squash. Warning: It is a huge plant!

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Carol is not joking about the plant size. Even in those pics you cannot see how they crawled into all three neighbors' yards. I planted the entire packet, which is supposed to be 20 seeds, I think. I made four hills at the four corners of my compost pile. I bet each vine is more than 10 feet, 15 maybe. I've corralled a couple of them and rerouted them. One was about to mix it up with my passionvine. I'm not sure who would have been the winner there, but it would have been an ugly battle!

(The passionvine lost ultimately because I got tired of the thuggishness and yanked it a week ago)

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If you have any cars up on blocks you need to hide from Code Enforcement, this is the squash to plant.

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Another use...of the "firm" parts - I've sliced those up and put them on top of home-made veggie pizza, too....very good! The firm portions have no seeds, so there's no messiness or weeping as a pizza topping - good stuff!


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Hi y'all! I know it's been a while since any one has posted on this particular subject, but we're new to this this year, and would like any feedback on what's going on. This picture is a couple of weeks old, maybe 3. The vine is now at least 8 ft I'd say (taller than me, I'm 5' and seems to be growing back down itself), and we still just have beautiful, green, leafy, prolific vines. They don't seem to be in any hurry to flower, much less fruit. At a loss here. They were seeded back in late May. Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated! :)

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Maloree: I am not the veggie expert around here, but my guess would be that if you will wait a couple weeks, they will start producing. ...also check underneath all that foliage, sometimes there's squash hiding that you never saw! We have a current thread with some zucchetta postings under "Seminole Pumpkins" ..I think.

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I agree. This is a common comment when people are fairly new to growing these kinds of squash and can't wait for production. It's like the watched kettle that won't boil. About the time you forget about it... they bowl you over with production!

Tahlequah, OK

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