The ants love my madagascar jewel

eastoutwestAugust 21, 2010

It doesn't seem to be a problem, but my madagascar jewel's flowers (if you can call them that) are crawling with large black ants. I've had problems with (small) ants protecting aphids with veggies and such, but the Madagascar jewel has been pretty pest-free.

One thing I've noticed is that before the ants, I used to have slugs crawling across the flowers and taking the pollen with them... despite the fact that the plant's latex is a slugicide.

Since the ants, I haven't seen any slugs (or slug trails) on the plants.

The ants really seem to love the flowers and they may be pollinating them because it has produced more seeds than ever. The ants also seem to run around the plant all cracked out and crazy... are they getting high on the nectar?


I wanted to upload a picture, but 61k is such low-quality, I guess its time for a photobucket account...

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As you have observed ants are not really a problem but most often are beneficial. Whether the ants have worked to control your slugs is really unknown since the only time I have seen and ant carting a slug around is after it was dead.

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