specks of insects seemingly feeding on cycas curanii

keylynSeptember 26, 2013

i have these jet black insects, which are slightly larger than the common red spider mites, and congregate less. (what are these? any idea)
they appeared to be tearing through the cycad outer covering unnoticed until i discovered them.

i easily peeled off the part that was infected and and sprayed it with a weak solution of malathione, one of the over-the-counter pesticides available here.

the whole image (foreground) of the plant.

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I found out the culprits are the ubiquitous powderpost beetles on untreated bamboo wood.
The beetles appear to be boring through the dead leaf bases of the plant.

I did decapitate the plant leaving me with a head with its leaf bases still relatively fresh and intact and free of infestation.
And I submerged the whole thing with mixture of pesticide and water to give me a little less doubt.

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