Still no flowers

felixcatJune 13, 2008

Hello fellow Plumeria growers. After some 4-5 years there are still no flowers on my plumerias. They have leafed up very nicely but that is all.

In February the tip of one plant seemed to be soft compared to the others even after a small drink so in a panic I cut the top off about an inch. There was no rot and the latex oozed out. It then formed a hard crust and now has five new branchlets forming!


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Wow 4 or 5 years but that is not uncommon. Did you get it as a seedling ora cutting? How tall is it now? How much does it usually grow each year? I know people who have had seedlings for 15 years without a single bloom. it is cool that now you have multi branching but next time you can stick your fingernail in it to see if it bleeds. :)

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

You do not need to stick your plant. Your tip either got too cold or got a little tip black spot and the tip growth was stopped. The new branches will now grow through the season and will not flower this year. Next year they most likely will begin flowering again. I would cut the extra pieces on the top so it flattens down and then go to the hardware and get a tube (caulking gun tube) of DAP cedar tan Acrylic latex caulk plus silicone and put a dab on the end and spread evenly with a popsicle stick or foam brush. You can use black tree cutting tar but it cracks. You can use household spackle but it also hardens and is white. You can use waterbased paint. However, the DAP looks great, stretches as the plant grows and has a chemical that deters fungus. You can just leave it but because it is upright it will eventually form a pit and hold water which encourages bugs and rot. Bill

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Hello Chris, Most of my seedlings which I grew myself are around four years old but my cutting plants are much older and were rooted before I bought them mostly five years ago now. They are between 3-4 feet tall some with single branches and some which were multi tipped when I bought them. All of the rooted mature cutting plants are named. The seedlings are mostly from named parents but I know they may not come true.
Thank you Bill for your advice which I will take as the plant is one of my most mature.
All of my plants have leafed up beautifully and look so good but without flowers it seems all in vain.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Hazel, hope all is well with you. My plumies are just starting to leaf out nicely, well the four 1yr old seedlings are anyway, they are looking good. Hopefully they will put on a lot of growth like they did last year, they are bigger than Celadine now. Celadine is still bare, it had a few claws but they dropped of while tiny. A few more are just starting. I mist the tip which looks green, shiny and hard, and its had a couple of small drinks, so fingers crossed. Have checked below soil for rot...none thank goodness. It hardly grew any leaves last year, the ones it did grow were insipid and weak...think it was beacause it was only top dressed due to my arm being in plaster. This year, all 5 have had new compost beefed up with Rooster Booster pellets.
The weather here is so changable. Those few days of HOT wall to wall sun were so welcome, but for past week or so it has been almost chilly some days...well here anyway. Even had the fire on low the other evening late at night, and a blanket on top of the duvet. 'Flaming June' is living up to it's name, but not in the right way!! Oh well, it can't POSSIBLY be as bad as 2007 can it?

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Don't be surprised if only 2 or 3 of the baby branches mature. I have had many mid stem cuttings and tips that have been cut for one reason or another put out as many as 6 branches. I think the plant senses that it's too many to support and selectivly reduces the number on it's own. If they continue growing I prune them back to 3 at the most.

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Hello Gill, Good old Rooster Booster! I can smell it from here!!!
Yes the weather is very mixed we had a slight frost last night but being forewarned I put the undersoil heating on overnight where the plumerias are kept. Their roots are white and shiny through the bottom of the pots and I am watering once a week as they have been drying out. I'm hardly daring to hope but maybe a bit of whinging has prompted my Chompoo Paan to have flowers. I have had a magnifying glass to view the tip (pathetic isn't it)as I think there seems to be a little cluster but I've been fooled before as some leaves show a little tiny lump at their base. I will know in a few days.
Hello Karyn, Thank you for your advice. I won't mind if some branches abort as I haven't room for a big branching plant. Won't it be exciting if my plumeria HAS got flowers?

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Hazel. You had a frost then in mid June, wow, that's not good news is it. Makes me smile when TV prog folks say 'plant out after last frost' do you KNOW it's going to be the last one eh?...haha!
Greenhouse is bursting at the seams at the moment, both with edible and non edible plantlife. Surprising how stuff dries out even without the blazing sun, these winds don't help either do they? My hanging/wall baskets are a pain in the butt at times.
Been busy icing a 'welcome baby grandson' cake today, son and family due to arrive this evening fron Isle of Wight for a week or so...can't wait for a cuddle with our first grandchild again.

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Hello Gill,
Congratulations on your first grandchild. I'm sure you will all have a lovely re-union.
I am delighted to tell you I have a 'new addition'- my Chompoo Paan HAS got flowers comimg. They haven't emerged quite enough from the foliage to take a photo yet but I am hoping to post the next few days time.
Have a great time with your family.

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