grey bug that lays red eggs???

garden_crazy_girlAugust 6, 2006

I have an infestation of an unidentified bug. It is a light grey color, wide and flat with black legs. The red eggs are laid in neat rows on the underside of my pumkin leaves. When they hatch it is in droves. Please tell me what kind they are and how to kill them. Also I am having trouble with SVB. They have alredy killed two of my pumpkins. Is there a way to stop them from infesting my other ones?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Click on the attached link to see if the insects pictured are what you've seen on your pumpkin. If so, they are squash bugs. If not, please try to describe what is different.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

You have the squash bug (not the squash borer). The nymphs hatch from the red eggs and spread a wilt that kills the plant. The only practical organic way to deal with squash bugs is to check the underside of leaves for eggs and remove them, and kill the adults when you see them.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Actually, it's quite possible for her to have both, which she seems to think she does. gardencrazygirl, have you found the borers in the vines?

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Yes, I have found the borers in 2 of my pumpkin plants. They killed them. The other 2 do not seem to be infected. I think it is because they have grown so large and the borer cannot penetrate the stem. Will a galic/pepper solution kill the squash bugs? If so what is the solution composition? I have also heard of using alcohol and water solution to kill pests, but I also read somewhere that it can kill weeds. Any thoughts on alcohol solution?

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Water you plants from overhead, and the squash bugs will come to the top to dry out. They can easily be hand-picked or vacuumed up and dumped in soapy water to kill them. Remove all the eggs you see and squish them. The nymphs are small and harder to see, so persistent search and destroy missions are required (grin). For borers, a large stem does not seem to be a problem becuase they will bore into squash stems that are often over an inch in diameter. You can spray the base of your plants with a Bt/ water mix on a regular basis and this will usually control borer damage. Timing is everything.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The alcohol applications work on soft bodied insects, such as aphids, mites, etc. Don't think it would be too effective on the hard bodies. Alcohol won't kill weeds. You can use it full strength on plants for certain insects, if you were so inclined.

The Bt isn't effective against the borers as they don't begin feeding until they are inside the stem. Contact insecticides such as insecticidal soaps (or other) are your best options at that time.

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In my experience, the Bt is effective. Three years ago, I had squash vine borers, lost one plant to them, started spraying with Bt, and did not have more losses. Maybe I was just lucky, but how does the borer get into the stem initially?
Mrs H

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This morning I was watering my vegtables and on the cabbages there were red eggs and a gray worm. I if it was a cabbage bug,etc Thanks alot

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