Trachycarpus palm + Washingtonia

butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)September 19, 2010

I was just wondering if you could cross these two palms.It would have the growth rate of a Washy with the cold hardiness of a Trachy.They both have Palmate leaves,would this work?

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Don't think those 2 will cross.

May be possible to cross Trachys,Chamaerops and Needle palms as they are all related.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I have been thinking about hybrid palms lately.I didn't know that Queen Palms and Pindo Palms are related.You know more than me about things like that.I thought maybe since they both are palmate palms they might cross.It might be a good cross between a Trachycarpus latisectus and a Chamaerops humilis.The T.latisectus is the fastest growing Trachy from what I've read.Chamaerops grow so slow,and are not as cold hardy as a T.latisectus.Mabey that would make a faster growing and taller European palm,and more cold hardy.But it could be a disaster,it gives you something to think about.

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I'll tell you another two that must be related--Butia and Jubaea chilensis (Chilean Wine). I forgot I had this one and was confused when I did my inventory of containerized Butia. I thought I had two and was convinced that the third one was also a Butia. Then, I realized that it was Chilean Wine--which, by the way, grew quite a bit more quickly than you would expect from its reputation. Then again, our weather since April has been more like Chile in Summer (sunny and arid) than New Jersey in Summer (humid, cloudy and rainy)

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Butia, Syagrus, Jubaea and Parajubaea are all related which is why intergeneric crosses with these are fairly easy. Trachycarpus and Washingtonia are too distant genetically for them to be crossed, though you sure can try.

Not sure which climate Trachycarpus latisectis is the fastest growing trachycarpus, but it sure isn't in southern California. Trachy fortuneii is significantly faster, as is Trachycarpus Nova... latisectis is about the same as a wagnerianus, and maybe the same as martianus. It isn't a slug, though. Trachy oreophilus and nana are pretty darn slow for me. I don't have a real princeps so no idea how that one compares with these yet.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Thanks for the info guys.I have researched palms for cold hardiness and what type of soil and growing conditions they like.I've also researched about what nutrients they need to be healthy,and what diseases and pest can attack them.I've never looked into them enough to know what other palms are related to them.Does anybody know a website that has info on this?I think that would be a good thing to know also about palms :)

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

My guess would be they can be "hybridized".


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I would put Latisectus and Martianus at the faster end of the
slower growing Trachys.
Possible list may go like this-slowest to fastest.


Next slowest group-Manipur*-Latisectus*/Martianus*-
possibly Takil*.

Princeps*-between these 2 groups

Faster Trachys-Nova,Fortunei,Wagnerianus

* at least when small/grows less than 5(spring/through fall) leaves in my climate

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I found a couple websites that sells hybrid palms.
Here are the two best sites I found.
Here is the other one
The second one has some coconut hybrids for all of you who love coconut palms.Jim your correct,my bad.I don't know what I was thinking when I said a T.latisectus is the fastest growing Trachy.The T.Oreophilus might be one of the slowest but it's one of my favorite Trachycarpus palms.Them or T.Princeps.I ordered a T. Princeps for myself.Do you know a good seller for a T.Oreophilus?I cant find any on ebay.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I found 2 on ebay just now.They look like a single blade of grass.I want a 3 or at least a 1 gallon size.

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I was just about to say here's the link to some on E-bay.

This one is a toughy to find with any size here in the states,
probably almost as hard as Takil.

I would recommend just getting one of the smaller ones from Dewayne.

3 for 15 is a nice deal for these.

I remember seeing them somewhere but it escapes me,good luck Randy!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I wonder if can hybridize the palms we'd like mixed?

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I dont know,I'm sure there trying new crosses all the time.It wouldent hurt to contact them to find out.I could think of some really good crosses,the catch is if there close enough to cross.

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