Pale leaves on Jalapeño

andythehotpepperguyMay 20, 2010

Hey all,

After transplant this year, I saw a significant level of leaf color lost in most of my plants. I am planting 5 Jalapeño, 5 Serrano, 3 Caribbean Red Habanero, 1 Cayenne, 1 Aji Amarillo, and 3 Naga Jolokia. All of my transplants are slowly getting their green back, except for my Jalapeño plants. They seem to have lost the most color and aren't getting it back. They are still upright and healthy looking otherwise. I had all of my seedlings in a cold frame that I used to harden them off by gradually leaving it open for longer periods of time until I just left the top off of it for a couple of days immediately before transplant. Either way, all of my other plants are recovering swimmingly.

Anybody have any ideas on what I can do to get them back to a healthy green? I can take some pictures tonight when I get home if that would help.

I fertilized the beds with Jobes Organic Vegetable and Tomato Granular Fertilizer prior to transplant. Here's a link.


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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

That fertilizer has little nitrogen. Nitrogen makes green. Give them a small amount more nitrogen and see what happens but not too much. A fish and seaweed mix emulsion should do the trick for the rest of the season.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Remember, if temps are still fairly cool, not all nutrients will be available.
As long as the plants aren't yellow from too much moisture, they should green
nicely as soon as the temps increase.


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Agree with Greenman.
Younger transplants will stay light green until the weather really warms up.
I have started and planted peppers and tomatoes at the same time.
The tomatoes have golf ball size fruits but peppers dont even have flowers.
Peppers needs much warmer soil, air and sun than most garden veggies.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone. I think I will wait for the temps to rise. We have had especially cool and cloudy weather since I transplanted.

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reyna1(Zone 8)

I would lean more towards the nutrients being the issue.
I planted some jalapeno's in some soil i bought at home depot. It ended up being the crappiest soil that i've ever purchased. It basically looked like mulch. I was pretty upset as they were advertising it as potting soil not mulch. It turns out that i went to the dollar store and bough much better soil than at home depot - who would have thought.

The jalapeno's started our really well and green then they went pale green and started going yellow whereas the other peppers that were started in dollar store soil are doing excellent.

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Problem solved!

I'm thinking that it was a combination of too much rain and temperatures being too low. We finally got two consecutive hot and sunny days and the leaves are greening up quickly! What a relief!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Great! I figured it would correct itself... ;)


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hello everyone,
i have a garden, and all of my jalapeno plants are not doing so well, the leaves are turning yellow, the plants have flowers and start to produce jalapenos but end up falling off. the new leaves are still green but are shriveling, I do not over-water the plants and do not use fertilizer. the plants are planted in a raised garden in potting soil
can someone please help me out and give me some suggestions
thank you

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