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andyandy(6bMI)September 14, 2012

After a couple of days in the 80s (which got my new 8 foot spindle to start pushing up a new spear) they are calling for highs in the low-mid 60s by the middle of vexxt week. That means at least few a few things my more tropical palms will be in their winter spots until it warms up. A few nighs in the mid 40s might not hurt but I never like to take that chanse. it is still only September so hopefully we'll see some more 80s before fall really hits.

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Still warm here and fairly dry though expecting big rain on Tuesday. After cold front mid 70's down to low 50's at night then milder nights. The only things I brought in were one African violet and a few Moth orchids. First first usually in early to mid November so they stay out relatively late. I didn't bring the Queens and cycads in last year till early December.

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