What is happening to my squash plants?

lunar_owl (7a / Long Island)(7a)August 1, 2012

At the end of May, I planted two Zucchini plants and started a bunch of seeds (pumpkins, watermelon, scallop and kuri squash).

In July (or maybe it was June?), I noticed that some of the Zucchini leaves were turning yellow and the stem was collapsing. It seemed to be the ones that were on the ground underneath other leaves and/or blocked from the sun - so I blamed that. A couple of weeks later, I noticed a bug on one of the leaves - it was a squash vine borer! I gave the plants a detailed look through after that - I even looked in some of the vines - but I could not find anymore borers. Then I was thinking it was a disease like bacterial wilt. However, doesn't that usually kill the plant quickly?

Its been awhile, and my other squash plants were growing fine, so I thought 'maybe, they are just not getting enough water.' I bought a cheap little soil moisture meter and, sure enough, it says that most of the garden was near dry.

But...on Friday, I noticed some of my pumpkin leaves turning yellow. Again, I was leaning towards not enough water. But on Saturday, it rained for several hours and on Sunday they were worst. Even my beautiful kuri squash plant (none of my squash has set fruit yet) was showing signs.

I think I saw a squash beetle - just one; couldn't find any eggs.

So, I don't know what to think, is it bugs, disease, improper care (water/nutrients), or a combination of it all?

Here are some pictures - ignore the white its just DE.


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Stems collapsing indicate the presence of the larva of the Squash Vine Borer.

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lunar_owl (7a / Long Island)(7a)

I looked in several stems and was not able to find any larva.

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Maybe they are tricky little devils. My pumpkin had them. My yellow squash had them. But only 2 out of 6 plants died. 2 zucchinni plants next to my dead pumpkin survived...still producing. My yellow squash that died has sisters next to it still producing. I think the pumpkin brought the squash borers....I dont know for sure.

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