Buds on inflow falling off

spiroanJune 21, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am new to growing plumerias. Last fall, I had a coworker give me about 20 plants. So, this spring has been a learning experience for sure. I had one of them form an inflow almost as soon as it woke up from dormancy. However, it was a really weak one from what I can tell. I got maybe 3 or 4 flowers from it. Several of the buds on it basically turned black and fell off, and a couple of the flowers were in the process of opening and fell off. So, my question is, "Is this something that I am doing wrong, or does this just happen sometimes?" This was clearly the first time this plant has bloomed, as it had no hint of branches until this year, but it seemed like an awfully weak inflow. I've got two other ones now with inflows. One looks like it could be a really good one. The other one looks weak like the first one. So, if I'm doing something wrong, maybe I can fix it before the new inflows bloom.

Oh, and I'm in the north DFW area (Little Elm to be exact), so I would love to hear from other plumeria growers in this area.

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This is not uncommon with young plants. When you see people around here with beautiful blooming inflos on newly-rooted cuttings those cuttings were always taken from big, mature trees in Florida or Hawaii (usually) that had the makings of a good inflo growing in the tip before the cutting was ever taken.

Don't worry about the weak one. The plant should grow more mature, especially with good Texas sun and heat, and give better inflos next year or maybe the year after when it gets some size. I'm looking at a cutting I rooted last spring, that's tripled in height in that time, that's putting out a surprise tiny inflo here in Austin. Looks like if I'm lucky there'll be one bud, lol. Good luck with your others and welcome to the forum!

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Thanks, Jandey! That helps a lot! And it gives me hope on some of the other blooms. I'm hoping to post pictures of the next blooms. The first ones were really pretty - white and dark pink petals (the color was pretty much split right down the middle of each petal) with a yellow center. The guy that gave them to me didn't know if there were any names to any of the ones he gave me, and he grew several of them from seed. So, maybe if I post pictures, someone can ID them if they weren't one of the ones he grew from seed.

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Read the posts on soils, watering and fertilizing to maximize your chances. Best of luck!

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Welcome spiroan !!! You're in good hands here. Lots of great info and great people so willing to help. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Peg

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