the tropical palm shuffle!

andyandy(6bMI)September 16, 2010

With shorter and cooler days I have moved my three coconuts and 2 bottle palms to the side of the house. With these cool nights I want them getting direct sun ASAP. They are positioned about 50 feet southeast of their summer positions. I have also turned them 90 degrees. Now they start getting direct sune at about 8:00 instead of 11:00 They are now getting about as much sun as they did in early July. The weather has been on the edge as far as leaving them outside. We got heavy rains last night and it only fell to about 60. Sunny and 69 tomorrow and up to mid-70s for the weekend and 80 by Tuesday. They may be out of sight but I'm trying to squeeze as much growth as I can. With any luck October will give us some 80s or even high 80s which is not out of the question.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Hi Andy,

I am sure all your hard work is paying off keeping the palms in prime conditions. We have cooled off too. Its not that the temps are so low but that it stays cooler longer as well. In the mid-summer when we have a day in the 70s its the same temp at nite generally, but in September the day may be 75*, but more hours are spent in the 60s trying to reach the 70s. and the palms feel this.

The warm rains (raining in temps of the 50s-70s) are good for the palms. Any temps below 50* starts to slow them down depending on the variety of hardiness or dryness needed. Coconuts are very temp sensitive in terms of how they grow and fruit and like warm rain.

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Ya, we'vew had three nights drop below 50 and I've pulled them in for the night each time. Tonight is suppsed to be around 51 but after all the rain today I may bring them in anyway. They love water as long as it's the 60s-80s but 51 degree wet soil is nopt their favourite. I can keep them in the mid-60s in the house.

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