problem with coneflower.

foureleven5(zone3-5)August 21, 2011

I planted a white coneflower last year. It came out in flower this year, but had black stripes or blotches on the petals. Making the plant look deformed.

And has since gotton worse. More black, and spreading onto the cone part as well.

Can it be fixed? I am going to move it, as it's in a promonent area now.


Image link:

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

If you've had the kind of wet year many of us have had, molds and mold-based diseases are unusually common this year. The plant will probably come back just fine next year, but I would cut back the infected flowering stalks, and dispose of them. If the leaves look ok, let them be.

Next year....

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Those flower petals look like mine do when they are done. That is about normal, I think.

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This was taken just at the very beginning of flowering.
Now looks more black. As for a wet summer, I would say it hasn't been overly wet, although I hand water alot, that may be the problem.
Thanks for help.

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