Is anyone else having browser problems on this forum?

jandey1(TX8)June 16, 2012

For some reason, the last few months Garden Web has been seizing my browser up. The page will freeze, or the mouse won't respond, making other tabbed sites load slowly, too. I use Firefox and only have this issue with this website.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem on here? Any ideas about what's going on, computer-savvy plumeria nuts? Thanks!


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Well a couple weeks ago, when a topic would fully load, I'd get redirected from Garden Web to another site but I'd click the "stop" button before it would load the other site. It hasn't been doing it anymore as of lately now.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Be sure you are using the latest version of Firefox and add the add on called Adblock plus. Install it using the US definitions and you shouldn't have a problem.
Also you may want to run a spy and adware program.

Hope that helps

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I use internet explorer and have many issues. Mike, any fixes for me?

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i use firefox and adblock plus, no problems. i think there's an adblock plus for ie also.

also clearing out your cache, history, and cookies once a month might help. general maintenance, such as disk cleanup, and defrag will help. like Mike said, use an antivirus and anti spyware. i use avira and malwarebytes. both are free and don't eat up your resources or slow your computer down like norton, mcafee, and the other big company programs.

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Thanks, guys! I thought I had the latest version, but maybe not. Do use antivirus, etc, but don't frequently clear my cache so I'll check all that. Very frustrating to lock up when you need your daily plumie fix!

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