Stink bugs, again

greyandamyAugust 26, 2011

Last year these critters were all through the house, all winter. I didn't know where they came from, what they did, I know it was a problem everywhere in the area (PA??.... everywhere? LOcalizedd?)... they are tough, throw them in the snow, they'd come back, I was sure...

This year I've seen more and more on plants, certain plants especially. I asked a "Bug man"- extermintor for flying ants- just casually about them. I mentioned they seem more predominant. And destructive.

He stated they used to eat just ornamentals, but now they are finding they are destroying other things. I stated how they were everywhere in house last year, hiding and showing up. I worried they ate things in house (carpet? Who knows?).. he claims they just go in homes to hibernate. Though they seem pretty darn active to me..

I swear the plants I'm seeing them more heavily on are somehow deformed, "off" this year...hardy hibiscus, variegated (annual) kiss me over the garden gate (commmon name- they love, they destroy), much more.

Has anyone else noticed more problems? In that they are getting... prolific.... and seeming to cause plant damage?

I've been curious. I wondered if they are perhaps a temporary thing, something that may be once every 7 years or so... I hope so. They seem to have no predators.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm curious, what did your bug man mean by 'destroying other things'. Like what?

These stink bugs aren't picky at all about what kinds of plants they infest. Food crops have always been the primary worry with severe damage to fruits of all kinds, veggies, and even grains. Ornamental issues are secondary.

The first year we moved into this house, we had quite a few ladybugs come in and try to spend winter with us. All we did to prevent that from ever happening again was to replace the weather stripping around the door from the garage to the house and to have a new storm door installed. Voila, end of ladybug vacation haven.

You need to figure out where they are getting in and fix it.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

At this time of year, caulk and seal indoors -- especially around windows and, as rhizo said, ensure weather stripping is intact & working.

During next summer, but by mid-July, caulk and seal the exterior.

If you seal both interior & exterior at this time of year, you'll seal them inside the wall void (the space between the 2 walls) -- not a good thing.

During the winter, vac & toss outdoors.

And yes, they are dormant during the winter even though active. They don't eat and they don't breed.

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THanks for suggestions jean001a....I'll have another project (Smile). Also, THANKS for the info about next July, that I had no idea of. You have good knowledge base.

I do constantly during winter (or did last winter) vac and toss (I learned if you shop vac, they may be able to crawl out, the buggers. It did seem though tossing outdoors seemed to somehow lead them back in...though I'm sure I was just imagining?

Good to have verified that they ARE dormant in winter, though active. (Maybe I didn't trust TErminex man?)... wonder how they are active (BUZZING, gross) yet don't need to eat? But me and others in area worried, are they eating our carpets? Wood in walls? Surely something? I have houseplants, so I worry that that's attracting them, though I never noticed them on the plants.

Now there's some wierd issues with plants, stunted, funny looking, I blame the bugs (even the birds don't eat). It could be many things though.

I believe the Terminex man meant, when saying "they are destroying other things", that means plants/vegetation other than the myth of just ornamentals or fruit crops. He's skilled in termites/ants, not stink bugs I guess. He was oh so pessimistic though when talking of what a nuisance they'll be this winter. (Perhaps they are trying to get more money, a means of stink bug elimination??).

Rhizo, no, they aren't picky this year. Last year I never noticed anything until winter.

They seem relatively new, in these numbers. Are they expected to stay around for awhile. I see baits, etc in nurserys but I never think that's worth the money. I fear the baits will attract even more.

Sorry, babbling, but I've been thinking of them since..last winter.

THANKS FOR REPLIES and your knowledge!

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