Severe Storms

stormys_mom(Md 7a)June 30, 2012

Ok I feel all your pain now :) We had nasty storms last night here in Md. I brought everything in. This morning I hauled them back out, and will have to do it all over again today as we are expecting storms again tonight. Our summers are usually very warm here, but the last couple of days we have been up to 100 and humid. Plumies are loving it, so I am happy. I only have 3 rooted plants, but they are heavy so now I officially know how much work you all do to take care of these priceless beauties. Hope everyone is safe. More storms comming to the midatlantic and other parts of the country. Please stay safe!!!!


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Oh bummer Jackie! I know it's a lot of work... but we must do what we have to do to protect our plumies. Hopefully it will pass today so you don't have to keep moving them! Keep us posted. Good luck!

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Glad to hear you made out ok yesterday, Jackie. Sorry you had to move plants but better safe than sorry. I know both Dave's are in the path too and I know there are others up that way. Let us know how you guys made out? It was really bad through the DC/Baltimore area and went through here Va.Beach around midnight. How did you make out Laura? I know she got home yesterday and her plants are pretty much secure so hope they were ok. Mine are protected in the back yard so didn't have to do anything. The only one I was a little worried about was one I potted yesterday but it was staked. 60+mh winds were pretty bad and the had some hard rain but the plants were in need of watering so that fix it. It went through fast so the plants didn't get battered too long. Let us know who you guys made out and stay safe. Peg

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Wow, what a storm! Three deaths from falling trees, lots of debris down.
Most of my plants that were not lashed to the deck were blown over
in the hurricane-force winds...reports were gusts to 90 mph.

I'm spending most of the day trying to keep the generator going. Lines
at the few working gas stations are ridiculous. Bought a window unit
AC for our bedroom. Keep fridge going. That's about all.

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These are not normal weather patterns for summer storms.
I was watching the Weather Channel and they time lapsed the way it moved across the middle of the country.
I was awestruck by the storms movement and pace.
Not your normal summertime pattern?
Like Debbie the tropical storm lasted 3 whole days in the upper Gulf of Mexico and didn't move much!
Stay Safe Folks!

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Dave, I hope you get power back real soon, if you haven't already!

We just caught the tail-end of that storm. Only some fast swift winds that lasted maybe 5 minutes. Very odd.

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Noclue Thanks it was a nasty one.
Peg Guess I better get use to it as we have basically the same forecast for the next couple of days :(
Dave I know what your saying, many people here without power. Trees down. Looks like another round tonight, just hoping it wont be as severe. Hope you get your power back soon!!!!

Stuart your spot on. We normally have thunderstorms fueled by heat and humidity when its this warm out, but lately they have been much more intense. And they are lasting alot longer. Weatherman just said we have a chance all week for storms with temps being in the mid to upper 90s all week. Scarey too think it would repeat all week. The winds are the worst I have seen for some time. We do get tropical storms here and hurricanes, but lately we have strong winds with normal thunderstorms. Makes me wonder!!!!!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Everyone!!

I got home right when the storm hit here in Virginia Beach!

That was one huge front and winds gusting up to 60-70 mph.

I started going outside to rescue my trees then the lighning came and the rain. Only four trees were knocked down.. i tried to secure them, but the storm was to intense...besides i was scared to death.. That doesnt happen to much to me, but this baby was a big boy!! ALl is well here now.

Dave, i hope everything is alright with you. What a mess you all had...

Jackie. Hope you and yours are all alright as well.

Thinking of everyone in this path...

Glad i was home and not in the air... : )


Take care,


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Stand by as they just say a tornado has been spotted west of here. Maybe the northern Va will miss the worst of it tonight. Nothing worse than no AC in this heat because you lost power. Peg

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Glad to here you made out ok Laura. It was as bad as some hurricanes and northeasters we've had but at least it went through very fast. Batten down the hatches for round two. Peg

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Still no power. Generator running WiFi, Tv, fans, etc.

At least we got almost an inch of rain from storm.

It was so very dry.

Went out before 7:00am to get gas for the generator to beat the masses.

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Sorry to hear your still without power but glad you were able to get gas for your generator!!!! They said here in Md it may be up to a week before power is restored. They have crews comming in from other states.
I agree we needed the rain, just not that nasty wind which is what did the damage and killed 11 people :( I feel for those families.
Heres to hoping your power gets restored soon!!!!!
Take care

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Last night storms were headed right at us and then took a right turn and ended up not too bad. Laura may have gotten it worse than I did. I hope she made out ok. Dave I hope you got power back but I know lots are without up your way. You really know how much you miss it when it's gone. We lost it one time for 3 days and that was terrible. Hope everyone is safe. Peg

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Oh, my goodness. I'm glad you all are okay. What a series of storms for the East Coast! 60 mph winds are no joke. Hope your power is restored soon!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Power came back on Sunday afternoon. Yayyyy!

So I stored away the trusty generator again. Still many lights out on my way to work. Crazy commute in this morning. A tree went thru roof of home a block down street. I guess they're still waiting for insurance adjuster to come by 'cause the tree is still there. Sad to see all roof damage.

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Glad you got power back Dave. This weather is so strange. It seems everyone has something, storms, drought,high temps, fires, etc. Makes you wonder what's happen. Peg

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